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  1. LostMyMind

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    How I wish I could go back before the day
    Before the day I threw my life away
    Past of shame and school mistakes
    Future of regret and constant headaches
    Things aren't what they always seem
    Living in the age of broken dreams
    Today I chose to stay in bed
    Lived so many lifetimes all in my head
    Only mother knows how I've fallen down
    Everyone else wonders why I wear this frown
    Life has become sad and alone
    Not even a friend or loved one to phone
    Days, weeks and months slowly go by
    Wish I could get away, like a bird does fly
    Laughable some might say
    So many reasons why I feel this way
    It's a joke to them all, they'll never understand
    If there was just someone there, someone to hold my hand
    It will never be better this I can tell
    If life is what you make of it, why am I in hell?
  2. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    Nothing seemed worthwhile until the day
    I met a girl who took my heart away
    She's been here since, when times ache
    The stress, the bills, the big mistakes
    We had plans for a wedding, a ring picked out
    She was my all until the big cop-out
    Things went sour, sadder by the hour
    Empty home with one dying red flower
    Today my honey left me for another man
    A person with no passion, no goals or plan
    The charade she played, the prices I paid
    Never was it worth the fake love portrayed
    I thought we were meant to be
    Things had fell together so elegantly
    Her diary told another side, a side she managed to hide
    Always thought I could confide
    Until the day our love died
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  4. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    In our hands we hold the Earth
    Plagued since the day of it's eternal birth
    Envy and hate rampage it's face
    Such prejudice grounds for the human race to be misplaced
    Thoughts shattered, torn and tattered
    Wallowing in the shadows of our past
    Look into the mirror, watch, listen and hear
    Some dreams weren't meant to last
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