Poor Little Rich Girls

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  1. mooch74

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    I have a couple of female friends who have never had a problem in their lives. They grew up extremely rich, are beautiful, have great jobs and can do what they want when they want because of their expansive bank accounts. I get sick and tired of listening to them talk about their perfect existences. I wish for once they knew what it is like for someone like me, who isn't rich and has been through times where I had to scrounge every penny for food how that feels. They aren't bad people, but I am sick of them bragging about their damn trips to Paris and Milan when I can't even afford a broken down used car. They talk about their (non-existent problems) like they mean anything to me. I have problems (lost both my parents, been screwed out of several jobs, am broke and am laughed at by everybody). To them, a rough day is when their mercedes or beamers don't start. I can't take it anymore. I wish they understood what real problems were and how fortunate they are to be so damn rich and have it so damn easy all the time.
  2. blondeellen

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    force them into seeing REAL problems make them feel really bad. it might be harsh but it might also be the only way to make them see and to shut up
  3. mooch74

    mooch74 Well-Known Member

    I like the way you think. Unfortunately, I am too nice a guy to do that. I think that is half my problem.
  4. blondeellen

    blondeellen Well-Known Member

    haha yeah im a bit of a bitch when people annoy me especially people like you described. maybe it is a problem in this situation
  5. stuckinchicago6

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    I am 23 and I do not have a car. My parents never cared. I wish I could have been like one of these people who turns 16 and immediately gets a car and a big party. I get to travel because of an unusual set of circumstances, but that is it and it hurts me when I travel because I get to see more people around the world that brag and have soooooooooo much. I will have to continue my education further with completing a master's or something because I have no job after graduating.
    All I can say is that nothing hurts like having people brag especially when you are going through hard times. I also have almost no money left in the bank. Honestly, I can't buy anything or do anything for myself now. Even if I want to get a haircut or go to lunch. Sucks. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it definitely makes it easier to cope with sad times and it makes it easier to avoid things that you don't like. I know it is easier said than done, but try to think about the stuff you do have and remember that nothing is impossible. Times can and will get better. Hugsssss
  6. Datura

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    You clearly have little, if anything in common with these girls, and they are a source of irritation. All signs point to ridding yourself of them.
  7. stuckinchicago6

    stuckinchicago6 Well-Known Member

    Lol. I just thought that the only thing worse than people bragging for me is when my mother constantly tells me how everybody is better than me. According to her, they are doing great things with their lives and I am doing nothing. For years, this is all her and my grandmother know how to do. They make me feel like a complete loser. Whenever I've accomplished anything they fail to acknowledge it or they downplay it, while making a big deal out of every tiny mistake I make.
  8. Aphorism

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    I am relatively well off, though not one of those girls that got a car at turning 16 and can take random trips to Europe. However, I live in a very posh neighborhood and I can understand your circumstance; my high school is actually known for being one of the richer public schools in the area.

    And I've learned to kind of turn the other cheek when girls go on about their petty rich problems. Luckily, I haven't had to deal with it much though, because I don't go out befriending these girls generally that complain about that sort of thing. Maybe you should try distancing yourself from these girls if possible?

    Another thing, is that I have a friend with extremely rich parents (well, Daddy) from a very well-to-do family that believes she and her siblings ought to go to an Ivy league school--and are willing and able to pay for their way through Uni. But she and her older sister (16 & 18) are extremely level-headed. They are easy to speak to and don't judge others, and are some of the nicest girls I've met.

    So trust me, no matter where you live it cant be every rich girl that is annoying and complains so much. Just maybe try to broaden your horizons, and try to ignore those that will pester you. As for those that taunt you for lack of monetary funds, I'd say ignore it or throw into those kids faces that at least you aren't leeching off your rich daddy. (Ok, maybe don't do that~)
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  9. mooch74

    mooch74 Well-Known Member

    You and I have a lot in common. My family was also very good at pointing out what I didn't and couldn't do.
  10. mooch74

    mooch74 Well-Known Member

    I never stated all rich girls are bad or annoying.
  11. stuckinchicago6

    stuckinchicago6 Well-Known Member

    It is really so hard to have family like that. Some families are just like that. I think even if I was or became really successful, they would still bring me down. They do it in a pathetic attempt to feel better about themselves.
  12. aoeu

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    I'm a very bright engineering student, I'm attractive, I've generally had a comfortable level of wealth and expect to be much wealthier in the future (probably to the point of "rich").

    And yet my life is incomparably shit. I suffer constantly from pain and mental illness. You can have problems even if you've "never had a problem in your life". This forum is full of people who suffer for no reason.

    Do you know them well enough to say for sure whether their biggest problems are their cars not working, or do they keep their misery to themselves?
  13. mooch74

    mooch74 Well-Known Member

    I know enough to know they have it much easier than me in many ways.
  14. LightInTheDarkestNight

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    Yeah it's all a matter of perspective it's easy to judge someone and say oh look how easy they have it. Don't get me I there are tons of people whom I'd love to switch places with and I think have it much better off then me without the circumstances or physical and other issues I have with but hey that's life.

    People could look at me and say oh this guy has never had a real job he is a lazy mooch. When in reality they have no clue about the physical and mental issues I have and have dealt with, the abuse I have suffered, the traumas, etc. Most people never wouldn't be able to relate to some of the rare physical issues/traumas therefore unless they have a really good imagination and really want to understand and sympathize it would be quite easy to judge and label.

    Don't get me wrong these girls you're talking about could have it very easy and have very minor problems compared to yours. The only way to know is to swap shoes with them for a day, a week, a month, which obviously will never happen.

    I think it makes people feel better to look at someone else at think how easy they have it so which makes their problems seem more real or legitimate.

    At the end of the day you only really know your own suffering which makes it hard to properly gauge or legitimately judge someone else's pain down without living it first hand.

    Psychologically minimizing another's pain makes ones own seem more worthy of suffering, even if that minimization is justified.
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  15. me myself and i

    me myself and i Account Closed

    Isn't it funny how us humans expect others to think like us.................when the truth is we are all so different!!!!
    Over my lifetime i have heard people brag of riches and people complain they have nothing.
    So, how do we react?
    Perhaps we try to understand human nature a little more.
    I think many people make out they are happy, when inside they are not.
    I also think that often, they do not even realise this.
    Only as lifes tests come along to challenge us, do the real answers about who we are...oust themselves.
    The more we give the richer we become and giving in itself can be kind of selfish in its own way.
    Giving nourishes our own well-being, its a wealth that is truely priceless.
  16. foolnomore

    foolnomore Well-Known Member

    Not all rich people are problem free but I have met the sort of person that thinks chipped nail polish is a disaster and that is so frustrating when you are struggling with real life threatening /changing problems. Rich or poor can have mental health problems but I am sure we would all like that life that appears to be blessed because they have no real problems of any kind. I would love to be someone who could get into a state about nail polish!
  17. oxygenidia

    oxygenidia Well-Known Member

    It sounds like they are either really ignorant about the real problems in the world, or they have other shit going on in their lives, and that comes out in the way that they react to the little things. Regardless, I think it's crappy to complain about things like cars, or brag about your expensive lifestyle in front of someone who you know is going through a bad time.

    I don't know these girls so don't know what type they are, but if they are really that stupid and shallow, why not distance yourself?

    I get where your coming from though. I once knew a girl like that, and she was a horrible person all around. It's easy to get frustrated with people like that, but at the same time, would it make your life better if they changed? There would still be a million other morons in the world.
    Maybe try to find people who you can relate to and who support you instead of staying around people who just make you feel bad?
  18. mooch74

    mooch74 Well-Known Member

    I think you bring a very interesting take to this conversation. Thank you.
  19. oftenconfused

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    Spoiled little rich girls...spoiled little rich boys:mad: They are cruel and they are out there and most of the time there's nothing we can do about it.

    But there are also rich people who are 'normal', sure they are rich and everything but they don't brag about it, they just live normal life despite being rich.
    And there are rich people who got real problems. On the outside they put on this rich & popular act but on the inside they got real problems and issues.
    "What you see is what you get" doesn't always apply here.

    I second on oxygenidia and everyone else who said you should try to find other friends, cause I don't think you should be around people who are bringing you down or make you feel bad about yourself. You should try to find friends with whom you share interests and have more things in common.
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  20. mooch74

    mooch74 Well-Known Member

    I realize what you see isn't always what you get in some cases, but in the instance I am referring to, it does. These girls have everything. They have great jobs, are really beautiful, come from wealthy families, have lots of friends, are healthy and have healthy families. If they have any "real" problems, I just don't see it.