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    20 years of repeated beatings, rape, emotional, physical and pscycological abuse at the hands of one man. The man that I thought loved me and could change with my love and care. He now is on facebook. So what. But he is now stalking other innocent women. How? He boldly is bragging about how he advocates for the end of violence and abuse against women. No he hasn't changed. The emotional and psycological abuse is still thrown at me every chance he gets. And there has still been the rare occasion of physical abuse when we have to attend someplace at the same time (law buildings for our last court date, he physically attacked me in the parking alot after the court business was done). And the kicker... he tells women that after seeing what a wonderful married life he gave his ex, he feels so much compassion for those women who have to deal with abuse and violence everyday in their lives. How, his ex wife would never be able to understand how bad other women have it because he was so good and supportive to me. Yeah the support he gave me when I lost our 1st child because of his abuse was just too much. Or when he beat the crap out of me because he thought I lost an earring from a set he gave, only to find out later it was laying on the livingroom floor from when earlier in the day he punched me in the head because I didn't cook his bacon how he wanted that morning. Now after all the years of abuse I'm being used as his little poster person? He's using me to attract other women to give them what I got and couldn't stop and am so scared of him doing to others. He is using me to abuse other women!!! It will never end. I'm preparing as I type this because I can't keep begging for it to stop. There is only one way to make the pain stop from people like him. And to stop all the other shit that keeps being thrown at me each day. Yeah, maybe it means he wins, but guess what , I win too.
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    Oh my god, that's horrible :eek:hmy:
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    *hugs* be strong and the run away ^^
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    If possible, get away from this man. Seek help. Call the police, etc. You deserve better.
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    The sad part is that I finally got the courage to pack up the kids leave him and live in a womans shelter about 6 years ago and I've been trying to get a legal divorce for 5 now. He always lands on his feet and seems to have horseshoes up his arse when it comes to the courts. I have tried everything believe me. But yet my kids still suffer and I still suffer and he just gets richer and healthier and gets his way even more. There's nothing else left to say or do.