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Positive I guess...

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Well, I'm not feeling good. But I guess I've done something positive, if you look at it from somebody else's point of view.

I now have officially told and explained to a person who lives close to me how I feel and why I feel that way.

So yeah... I guess, yay for me...

Meh, I've sent it in an email, to make sure I didn't freeze up while telling it... Now I feel bad as sjit. But still... I keep trying to tell myself it's positive...

Will she think differently of me? =/ I'm not really that close to her or anyone for that matter, so it shouldn't matter even if she hates me after this...

Meh, sorry. This is positive! I've done a good thing and I should be proud of my autistic self!


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Good for you! I know it's not easy to open up to people and trust them with feelings. Have you heard back from this person who you have emailed? How did it go?

I too think this is positive and i'm glad that you shared it with us. I have often told people things I find hard to say face to face, by email instead. There's nothing wrong with that :)

Keep us updated, if you want
Jenny x


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Well, I've started exchanging a few emails with her and it's kind of going down hill. I'm starting to find less and less motivation to reply.. It's not fun. :( But I'll continue this, I have to, I've been through all this BS long enough. This better help...
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