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Positive music?

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So I'm really looking for positive music suggestions. This could ease peoples' minds, I'm hoping.

What I need right now is just something ambient, soothing and something that will calm my brain down. Any suggestions?

There's a music for every mood.


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Classical music is very good for soothing the mind..Try Rachmaninov but stay away from Mahler...far too stirring. Mozart, Chopin and Debussy all very mellow


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Bach, Elgar, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Handel... all gorgeous music that never fails to soothe me. Some of it stirs me into energy, some soothes me into mellowness and tranquillity - all of it stirs me, often to tears.

I also love jazz and blues and (old) country and classic rock and roll - like the Beatles, and soul... There is positive music in all genres, just depends on what you like.

I'd rather lose my sight that my hearing...

I'd rather lose my sight than hearing too... but then I cant read music... so I dont quite win lol.

What Devastated and Least have said is good...add Liszt and Schumann to that list lol.



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I recently saw/heard this group on PBS (Public TV-in the states) and it is called Celtic Women {the group}, so I found aol has a free station that I can play all night while I get computer stuff done. Cool Irish music. Look inot "world" section.

I also agree most classical is good to soothe, and soft jazz or lounge, light notes...prefer things without lyrics. Sans :drums:
My grandmother liked the pan flute stuff, that is sometimes too high frequency and nervewrecking to me.
Hope that helps some.


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Aphex twins has some good variety of ambient music.

I suggest music by The Pillows. A japanese band, all of their songs, I can describe as sunshine. Thats the feeling you get.

The Doors, Enya, Red Red Wine by UB40 (fun song....), Bob Dylan...ect ect...
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