Positive thinking is total bullshit

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    If everyone has a perception disconnected from reality, then you can never know if the positive cognitive distortions are more real than the negative ones... in fact you KNOW they are not any more real, because the "therapy" tells you straight out that the mind distorts reality. How anyone could be cured - oh wait, "treated", naturally there is no cure - by this crap is incredible. It's an attempt to brainwash yourself but with full knowledge that the affirmations are lies of wishful thinking - which means they will never take affect because you don't believe it - which means the treatment is useless... :throw:Fucking quacks and their pseudoscience.
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    If you think positively, people will respond to you positively. People treat you how you wish you be treated, whether you believe that or not. If you see yourself as an easy target, other people will see you that way. If see yourself as strong, other people will see you that way.
    Positive thinking works, as long as you're not just kidding myself, which I most often times do. But just because you are having difficulties with it, doesn't mean it's bogus.

    There are plenty of theraputic techniques that have done zip for me that do wonders for other people. Just ditch the positive thinking and try a different kind of therapy if it doesn't work or you don't have faith in it.
    All the best
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    good advice:cool:
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    Heya, Bleach,

    I've had days where I've felt like that. It seems to me that "positive thinking" doesn't make things happen, but it DOES help us better while we wait for the bad times to settle down.

    On a philosophical level, if reality is all lies, why not believe the positive ones?

    Of course, it’s easier to say think positive than to do it.

    But here’s hoping…:dry: :hug:
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    Maybe you're right, although I see all of CBT in the same way really.