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    Positive Thinking

    As we know by now, thinking is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. Our thoughts of past lifetimes have created our present reality and are still colouring it, and today’s thinking is bringing our future realities into being. Negative thinking patterns can all too easily draw us into a downward spiral of negativity. Given time, they are capable of taking us ever deeper into the vortex of darkness and depression, until it has become impossible to see something pleasant in anyone or anything.

    This kind of thinking is nothing but a bad habit that can and indeed is meant to be changed, by us. We may have brought it with us from previous lifetimes into this one with the intention of doing better this time round. Changing our thinking patterns is a life-changing and empowering experience. It puts us in charge of our character and our life and enables us to actively and positively influence the flow of our destiny. One of the almost immediate effects of positive thinking is that our life appears brighter to us and others find us more attractive. For their sake and our own, it’s well worth any small effort we make. Here are a few tips of how to go about it:

    • Start every day by reminding yourself that you are worthy of love and of all the good things life has to offer. Stand in front of a mirror and affirm to yourself things like: ‘I am a special and unique being of light and I deserve the best.’ ‘I love and I am being loved.’ ‘I am courageous and strong.’ ‘I know I can cope’, and so on and so forth. Use your creative imagination to create sentences that feel right for you. Doing this may initially seem silly, but it does work. If you practise believing in yourself in this manner, the accompanying positive feelings eventually rise quite naturally from within.

    • However, if you encounter the resistance of your inner child self that cannot accept what you are suggesting – as I frequently do – you might like to try the following. Stand or sit in a meditative frame of mind, hug yourself. Imagine that it is your vulnerable and inner child you are hugging, then try to enter into a dialogue with it. For example, as if gently musing to yourself, say: ‘Do you know that you are a special and unique beloved child of the Universe and that you have a right to be here?’

    When I approach my inner child in this way, it seems to be more willing to listen to and accept my suggestions. After all, what I am telling my child self is the truth, as I know it now, yet did not when I was a child. Again, be creative and experiment. Feel within what you need right now and set about finding what works for you. Having discovered a good method, do not forget to pass it on to others and please also get in touch with me and let me know.

    • Learn to recognise negative language, yours and that of others. Ban all talk of ‘If only. . .’ or ‘I am so stupid’ or ‘I am fat’. A friend of mine told me how, when she wanted to lose some weight, she observed that when she caught herself thinking: ‘I am fat and ugly’, she automatically reached for something sweet. However, when she said to herself: ‘I am slim and beautiful’, there was no craving for sweet things and she felt taller and enjoyed better posture.

    • Cut down on your contacts with negative thinkers. If you live with one, spend as little time as possible with them and look for the company of those with a positive approach to life.

    • If you cannot avoid meeting people who irritate and annoy you, it helps to make a list of their good points before seeing them. Doing this makes meeting them more bearable and in due course may even become enjoyable.

    • As much as possible, avoid the whingers, whiners and moaners of this world. ‘Oh, isn’t it all awful!’ and ‘Look what state our world is in!’ people are no longer appropriate company for you. They are in a negative mindset in which it is all to easy to get stuck. In your mind present them with a packet of whinger biscuits and then leave them to their own devices. As a budding healer and a wise one, you owe it to yourself to look for the company of likeminded folks with a positive outlook on life. With a bit of effort and practice, you will soon be able to see that there is something good in everything and everybody, if you but open your inner eyes and look for it.

    • Thank all the people in your life who treated you badly, forgive them and do not forget to thank them. ‘Why on Earth should I do that?’ I hear you ask. Look at them from a different perspective and you will be able to recognise that they have been among your best teachers, because they are the ones who helped you most of all to become the one you are now. Through their behaviour they have shown and still are demonstrating to you the way you do not wish to be. And that makes them into the best teachers the great wisdom of life could ever be sending your way. This, by the way, is a prime example of the art of positive thinking for you.

    • The more frequently we remind ourselves of our abilities and ambitions, the more likely we are to reach our goals. Therefore, make lists of them and think about all your achievements and of the good things that are coming your way. When something goes wrong, it is likely that negative feelings rise into our consciousness. This is the way we have been reacting for most of this lifetime, so we cannot help it, but we can choose how we respond to adversity. Take time to feel your anger, disappointment and/or sadness, but then resolve that you wish to learn from the experience. In this way something good can come out of anything that happens.

    • When you are getting up and it’s raining, don’t take one look outside and spoil your day by groaning: ‘What a miserable day!’ Act like the healer you are and open your window wide. Take a few deep breaths and savour the purified and cleansed air that’s greeting you. Listen to the rain, enjoy the sound and know that with every drop of rain that falls upon the Earth everything in her loving embrace is being cleansed, purified and healed. If it’s coming down heavily, give thanks all the same because you know that we and our world are in dire need of all the cleansing and healing the Universe is willing to send us.

    Remember that Its power is infinitely wiser than you and I are ever likely to be. So, every day make the most of whatever comes your way. Rest safely in the knowledge that there is a sound and wise reason for everything and remind yourself that those who look for the good will always find it and that in everything.

    • If you can spare the time, put on some weatherproof clothes and footwear. Take an umbrella and go for a walk, ideally where you can be with some trees. You will then be able to feel and take part in their enjoyment of the blessing from the Heavens. Splash in some puddles, like a small child – your inner child is sure to love it! Listen to the drumming of the rain on your umbrella and appreciate it as music of a very special kind. Stop every so often, breathe in and out extra deeply and through this consciously take part in Mother Earth’s purifying process.

    • When the Sun comes out again, notice how everything looks bright, clean and refreshed. Know that the same is happening inside you and give thanks and praise to Father Sun in the sky and Mother Earth, as physical manifestations of our great and loving Mother/Father Creator, whose light brings all life into being and nurtures and sustains it.

    Open your heart wide and breathe in the golden healing light that flows into you, directly from the temple of healing in the heart of the Sun beyond the Sun. Quietly affirm what you are doing and feel how the love of God flows from the Sun into the Earth. Affirm that it is pouring into you and from there into Mother Earth and all her kingdoms, to bless and heal all lifeforms she holds in her loving embrace. At the end of each day, do not forget to offer thanks and praise to God and the Angels for another day of healing and peace, which it has been not only for you but for all life.

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    Gratitude For Life

    A Practice For The Aquarian Age​

    · Spend five minutes at the beginning of each day to give thanks and praise to your Creator for the gift of your life, the new day, the light, love and warmth of the Sun that even in winter keeps our world from turning into a frozen wasteland. Continue by giving thanks for the air you breathe and all the things that are in your life, especially the people who are accompanying your on your pathway through life. Keep counting your blessings and be grateful for them.

    · Then take a moment to remind yourself that deep down on the inner level of life we are all one and that everybody wants the same and that is to be happy, to love and to be loved.

    · Now spend a few more minutes by deeply breathing in God’s love and breathing out God’s peace. Affirm to yourself that this is what you are doing. Become aware of your own uniqueness and your very special pathway. Send loving thoughts to the Great Father/Mother of all life, who created you and to the Angels for bringing you into this life and for keeping you safe at all times.

    · Direct your loving thoughts to those around you. Give thanks for your own life and theirs, for our planet and everything it holds in its loving embrace. Whenever you think of people with whom you have a difficult relationship, make a special effort to send them your unconditional love and let it flow from your heart.

    · During the day, extend this love to everyone you meet. Bearing in mind that each one of us is a child of God who carries a tiny spark of the Divine in their heart, will help you to be kind to everybody and especially to those you downright dislike.

    · Practise this no matter what happens or what anyone does or says to you. Do it in your mind and without spoken words. This makes it particularly effective, and feel the love and appreciation your thoughts are expressing. As love is humankind’s true nature, origin and destiny, moments like these move you into close contact with God.

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    The Courage To Live

    O Great White Spirit,
    Father/Mother of the whole of Creation,
    Reach out to all who have tried and seemingly failed,
    To bring them your comfort and love.
    Those whose hopes have been dimmed,
    And whose faith has paled,
    Lift into the radiance of your Divine wisdom, I pray,
    And help them to trust again.

    To those who are frightened and lonely,
    Feeling hurt and helpless,
    Baffled and blind, failing to understand
    Why they are in this life and falsely
    Believing that this dark and tangled earthly road
    Is all there is to their existence,
    Bring them a ray of hope in the form of a friend,
    Someone who understands.

    Touch with the flame of Your Heavenly fire
    All hope that has burned low
    And rekindle the faith that has died.
    Show each one of us,
    Your beloved children of the Earth,
    How to walk steadfastly,
    Hand in hand with You and the Angels
    Through following the guidance we receive
    From the innermost core of our being,
    Where You and they dwell.

    O Great White Spirit,
    Show us the way,
    Ever onwards, forwards and upwards
    On the evolutionary spiral of life.
    Help the ones who are stumbling and falling by the wayside,
    To awaken into the knowledge of their true nature
    And a renewed understanding
    Of the purpose and meaning of their life,
    So they can begin to move among their fellow beings
    With renewed love in their hearts.
    Grant them the gift of enough faith and courage to try,
    Whenever this becomes necessary,
    All over again.

    Grace Noll Crowell
    Edited by Aquarius

    * * *

    ‘We don’t need to be wise beyond our years.
    All we need is to be wise beyond our fears.’


    From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

    * * *​
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    The Best Is Yet To Be

    ‘Thank You, Great White Spirit,
    For life, love, family, friends
    And especially for knowing You.’

    The best is never over,
    The best has never gone.
    There’s always something beautiful
    That keeps us marching on.

    There is a compensation
    For every cross we have to bear,
    And a secret consolation
    Is waiting for us somewhere.

    Every end is a new beginning
    And as one day we’ll surely see,
    The best is never over,
    The best is yet to be.


    From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

    * * *​
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    In Times Of Great Struggle

    When the world pushes us to our knees,
    We have found the best position for praying.
    Before we do, we do well to remind ourselves that
    True happiness does not consist of living in a world
    Where everything is already perfect and beautiful.
    It does grow from the ability of peering
    Beyond the ends of our noses
    And the imperfections of our world,
    Towards the higher purpose of life.

    Only then can the perfected and beautiful self be perceived
    That dwells deep within everybody’s core.
    The Divine spark is in everyone and
    It makes no difference whether
    It is already visible in someone or not.
    Even in the lowest and meanest of us earthlings
    It is merely waiting to wake up from its slumbers
    And brought forth, just the way it once did in you and me.
    Developing it is every human being’s
    Highest potential and birthright.

    Created by Anon.
    Edited by Aquarius

    From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

    * * *
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    The Race Of Life


    When sometimes you feel out of place,
    You’ve further to run just to stay in the race,
    And the journey ahead seems too hard to face,
    Don’t give up.

    When legs become weak, and muscles burn,
    And the Earth beneath you begins to churn,
    To safer ground, your thoughts may turn, yet
    Don’t give up.

    When your heart can offer you nothing more,
    When defeat descends like a leaden door,
    With your confidence leaking from every pore,
    Don’t give up.

    When all you can do is stay in the race,
    Rejecting all compromise; not saving face,
    When you dig deep just to keep your pace,
    Don’t give up.

    You’ll reach a point when, as you make the last turn,
    From deep within, a force starts to burn,
    Internal fires fuelled, when you yearn,
    Just don’t give up.

    The finish line, that glint of gold
    Is reached by those who do not fold,
    For guiding hands come to the bold,
    Who don’t give up

    That vein of gold you rush to meet,
    The pulse of life pounds with your feet,
    You’ll find resolve in every beat, when you
    Don’t give up!

    Lesley Humphrey

    From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

    * * *​
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    You Can Do It!

    You don’t need to be told:
    ‘Life’s not easy and some hills are hard to climb!’
    You don’t need to be told:
    ‘Have patience, it’ll all come in good time!’

    You’ve got enough determination
    To see you through,
    And if you muster the patience,
    Good luck will come, too.

    You may have to weather a storm or two,
    But don’t put your plans on the shelf.
    You’ll only get where you’re going
    By believing in yourself.

    So go on, give life your best shot.
    Success will not pass you by,
    If you remember that the only failures
    Are those who never try.


    From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

    * * *
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    The Value Of A Smile

    The ability to smile is one of the finest and greatest gifts God has bestowed upon humankind. A smile is one of life’s most profound paradoxes. In spite of being very valuable it costs nothing. Precious beyond compare, like all the best things in life, there is no charge for it. Although it has no intrinsic value, it cannot be bought, begged, stolen or borrowed. A gift of love that can only be given away, it enriches giver and receiver simultaneously.

    A smile is a vital part of life’s magic. Sometimes it acts like a light that someone suddenly switches on in a darkened room. It can make the plainest face beautiful; and though a smile takes but a moment, its memory may linger forever in someone’s heart and soul. A smile can create happiness wherever it is placed, in the home, between friends and in business. It is a signal of goodwill between all people, nature’s best antidote to trouble, rest to the weary and a ray of sunshine to those who are discouraged and sad. No-one needs a smile as much as those who feel as if they had nothing to smile about. So, next time you meet someone who seems to have forgotten how to smile, grant them the gift of one of yours and see what happens.

    The law of the Universe is love and God communicates with us through people. A smile that comes from the heart is a part of the universal language of love that requires no interpreter; everybody understands it. Through such a smile we find God in everyone; we open our hearts and souls to each other and convey the message: ‘I love you; you are my sibling.’

    At times smiling takes courage, because it makes us vulnerable and we may risk rejection. But it’s worthwhile trying, for when someone returns our smile, our souls open and we are looking at each other through the eyes of God. Somehow we recognise in the other the great love of our Divine Father/Mother, who cares for us especially when we have to endure pain and confusion, to send someone along whose smile reassures us and shows us that all rests safely in God’s loving hands. Smiling allows us to take part in the goodness of Heaven. Wherever we may find ourselves, each time someone smiles a small piece of Heaven is brought onto the Earth plane that can be shared by all who know how to respond to it.

    This is dedicated to my friend Eva, now in the world of light. When she was still with us, at eighty-eight and wheelchair bound, she had the most infectious and glorious smile. It was sheer magic to watch her face light us in one of her smiles. It made her look astonishingly young and it was easy to see how her soul’s secret beauty radiated into our world, like a bright golden Star that lit up all it touched. She was living proof of the truth that the human soul and spirit are ageless and eternally young, and that seeing indeed is believing!

    Created by Anon.
    Edited by Aquarius

    From ‘Words Of Wisdom for Relationship Healing’

    * * *​
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    Life Is A Journey


    • Don’t undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. On the inner level of life we are all one and although in many ways we are all the same, each one of us is a special and unique being and therefore different.

    • Refuse to set your goals by what other people think of as important. You alone and your inner guidance know what is good and right for you, at any given moment. So listen carefully and follow its advice.

    • Don’t take anything for granted, especially not the people and things that are closest to your heart. Believing that without them your life would be meaningless is utter folly.

    • Just be thankful for everything that is in your life and don’t cling to anything, when the time for letting go has come.

    • Rest safely in the knowledge that only the higher and highest aspects of life have lasting and eternal value.

    • Don’t allow your life to slip through your fingers – live it now.

    • Don’t dwell unduly on the past or the future. Instead, live consciously one day at a time, so you can learn something from every single moment of your present lifetime and therefore benefit from it, no matter what life may bring you.

    • For as long as there is love in your heart and soul, and you have something to give and share with others, never give up. Things are only over when we stop trying.

    • Do not be afraid of taking risks, because they are life’s way of teaching us to be strong and brave.

    • Don’t shut love out of your life by saying you cannot find it. Love is eternal and once given, it will always return.

    • The quickest way of receiving love is by giving it. And the fastest way of losing it is by trying to hold onto it.

    • The best way of keeping love is by giving it wings, setting the beloved free to fly, so they can grow through their own experiences.

    • If it is love, it will return to you. If it is not, you would not want it anyway.

    • Pay attention to your dreams. Having no dreams means living without hope. And without hope life has no purpose.

    • Take time and stop once in a while. Do not run through life so fast that you can no longer recognise where you have been and where you are meant to go.

    • Life is a journey and not a destination. Make an effort to savour it, every single step of the way, for even if our present lifetime should last one hundred years, it will be but a small stopping point on our evolutionary pathway back home into the oneness with God and all life.

    Edited by Aquarius

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    Thanks for the inspiring words. We are all here for different experiences which lie across the whole range of humanity No one can judge your life except you and yiu have to live by your own standards. I like the part about giving love in order to receive it as I believe that things that we crave are the same things that we are not giving out - how ironic, but once you understand synchronicity then it's obvious.

    Now if only I could stop living in fear and put some of these into practice a bit more!
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    Let It Be

    When I find myself in times of trouble,
    Mother Mary comes to me,
    Speaking words of wisdom: ‘Let it be.’
    And in my hour of darkness
    She is standing right in front of me
    Speaking words of wisdom: ‘Let it be,
    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be’.
    Whisper words of wisdom: ‘Let it be.’

    And when the broken hearted people
    Living in the world agree,
    There will be an answer, let it be.
    For though they may be parted,
    There is still a chance that they will see
    There will be an answer, let it be.
    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.
    There will be an answer, let it be.
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.
    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

    And when the night is cloudy,
    There is still a light that shines on me.
    Shine until tomorrow, let it be.
    I wake up to the sound of music,
    Mother Mary comforts me
    Speaking words of wisdom: ‘Let it be.
    There will be an answer, let it be.
    Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be.
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.’

    And during times of trouble,
    Her voice of wisdom comes to me:
    ‘Look for the lesson, be patient,
    Let it be.’

    Paul McCartney
    Last verse by Aquarius

    * * *​
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    Tree Of Life Blossoms


    • No-one is worthy of our tears and those who are, would never dream of making us weep.

    • Don’t cry because something is over! Smile and give thanks that it has been.

    • Just because someone doesn’t love us the way we want them to, does not mean they do not love us with all they have got.

    • True friends are those who touch our hearts and souls when they reach for our hands.

    • The most painful way of missing someone is by sitting by their side and knowing that things just cannot be between us.

    • It’s not a good idea to frown, even when we are sad. Just think, there could be someone waiting to fall in love with our smile.

    • Don’t waste time on those who are unwilling to spend theirs with you.

    • To the world you may be just one more person, but to someone you could mean the whole world.

    • The Universal wisdom may want us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the one who is just right for us, so that when we finally encounter the right one we recognise them and are grateful for finding them.

    • There will always be people who let us down and are willing to stick a knife into our back. Through looking for the mistakes we made and in future following our inner guidance in all encounters, we learn to trust the wise one within to show whom we can trust and who should be avoided.

    • Rather than trying to get others to understand us, it’s better to work on getting to know ourselves and our inner motivations and through this becoming a better person.

    • In all our endeavours, let’s not try too hard. The best things frequently come our way when we least expect them.

    • Above all, never forget that whatever happens in your life does so for a good and wise reason, which is that you should learn something from it and grow in wisdom and understanding.

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