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Possible Hospitalization

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It is possible that my therapist will recommend hospitalization today.

She usually doesn't but if I am honest she might.

Very confused about my life right now.

Anyway if I disappear thats where I am.

total eclipse

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Hun if you can go in okay just for a few days even to recoup okay there you can give your mind a rest let professionals help you hugs to you okay:hugtackles::hugtackles::hugtackles:


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I hope that you are all right - whatever your therapist suggests. Take care of yourself. :hug:


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Dear Angie,

Whatever happens, we're always here when you come back. Don't worry about us; we will hold the fort down ;)


All the best,



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Look at it this way, the therapist wouldn't suggest it if it's not needed, so maybe a short stay would be beneficial. :hug:

total eclipse

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Hope you know that where ever you are hun we care about you okay and you reach out here anytime you need us I hope your therapist was able to help you some hugs.
:hug: angie, didnt see this, g;ad your alright, but if you need to go into hospital, dont fight it, it could be for the best just to get your head together :hug:
Love you
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