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Possibly Borderline mother causing trouble

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My mother has blocked and deleted me off my family Facebook.

Basically the story is someone started texting her all my status updates from my non-family Facebook and shit saying they were worried about me - something they could have just taken up with me since they're on my friends list. Personally I don't even think there was anyone and she was using old material from the records she has of my statuses and MSN conversations when I was living with her when I was depressed. Anyhoo. So instead of this person taking it up with me, they took it up with my mam. Instead of my mam taking it up with me, she took it up with my dad, who I live with.

HELLO. Not like I'm 19 years old. I CAN talk.

So I messaged her on Facebook. Conversation ensues.

Me: can you please stop texting my dad and talk to me. i don't want this trouble whatever it is. who is talking to you and what are they saying
Mam: Well I can't text u can i
Mam: Yr dad text me first
Me: talk to me on here? what is happening please tell me the full story
Mam: last message i sent u on here u ignored
Me: erm... did i or did i just forget to reply? what, is it you making stuff up or something ot try and cause trouble?
Mam: toni dont be silly... i got a text worried about u. i inboxed u about caravan
Me: why is he saying you text him first?
Mam: he rang me last week when u never went home,
Me: tell me who is texting you.
Me: look right, don't go causing trouble here. i'm fine. tell me, who is messaging you, so i can talk to them. if there is someone, and tell them that i am fine. if this is about me and someone is trying to cause trouble, i want to know who it is.
Mam: as long as yr ok goodnight
Me: you're lying to him to cause trouble aren't you. and FYI reason I did not reply was because me and Mike were breaking up at the time so I wasn't going to say, yes we will come or no we weren't because I wasn't even sure if we would be together or not.
Me: If you won't tell me who it is, i'm going to assume you're lying to cause trouble and I'm going to tell him that too. now tell me who text you or I'm going to be seriously annoyed.
Mam: i never break anyones confidence... y wud i want trouble?
Me: because you seem to be causing it by not telling me. it's okay for them to break my confidence and cause trouble ??? tell me. i swear to god. this is my business. it's about me. i have the right to know.
Me: if this person is so "concerned" they're not purposely trying to cause damage what's the problem with me knowing someone was concerned about me.
Me: Oh yeah and you don't "break peoples confidence" but you went around telling every single member of my family something I had told you in complete confidence (wanted a sex change). So basically you don't break peoples confidence unless it's me and you keep it as long as it is about me to use it against me. STOP. IT.
Me: i'm waiting...
Me: so you're choosing a random person over your daughter. nice. i shouldn't have been expecting any more should i really.

so yeah.
I pretty much think she's Borderline.

- Blows small things completely out of proportion.
- Has idealization/devaluation episodes.
- Turns people against each other.
- Suffered from depression after divorce.
- Suffered from depression/suicidal urges after mother's death.
- Uses alcohol to cope.

Stuff like that really. So yeah, that's probably where MY Borderline has come from. Thanks, mother. Cow. :/
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