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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by DariaJane, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. DariaJane

    DariaJane Active Member

    I am trying to avoid it, but I am a mess. The stupid mental health center refuses to let me see a doctor unless I am suicidal! My meds are inadequate and I am going wacko. They told me that the other doctors have their own patients to see, so I am going to end up creating a whatever thousand dollar bill because my doc is out of town. Ridiculous! I am upset all day, can't sleep and super anxious, crying, having headaches and just angry with everyone. I have been yelled at by the MHC twice, ignored by the on call therapist and jerked around. I do plan to report them. AND write letters. I know I have been on here bitching about them, but they are NOT helping me but making me worse. How bad is that?

    I am just shut down, crying and don't even want to get out to get groceries that is necessary. When I reached out for help from a close family member, I got a nasty TEXT message back. She has not a clue what is going on.

    I would not hesitate to go to the hospital, but they take away your normal privileges as an adult. Treat you like you are 12 and the nurses are on a power trip. I think I am going to put it off and see if I can survive without them. There is just no decent mental health care here.
  2. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Daria, I hope it all can work out better than it has in the past. Better than how you are currently experiencing things with the practitioners. I hope you can get on the very best meds for you. While being treated well.
  3. DariaJane

    DariaJane Active Member

    Thanks Flowers, I appreciate the kind words. Hopefully things will get straightened out soon. I know I cannot wait until March 7th to see a doctor like the MHC thinks I should. HA. I plan to go in Tues after I speak with an attorney.
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    How can they refuse you care hun that is so bs I hope you do talk to your lawyers hun and i hope the hospital that is treating you so badly is charged really You keep advocating for you hun ok No way you should have to wait when you are suffering so greatly h ugs
  5. DariaJane

    DariaJane Active Member

    So, I am definitely going to the hospital, possibly tomorrow. I called the hosp today and they said to call back tomorrow at 11am, because they just could not take anymore patients today. I feel so freaky, being on the wrong medicine. I cannot wait to get on hopefully a better medicine that will actually work for me. I looked up Cymbalta on my medscape nursing site and found out that is has severe interactions with naproxen (Aleve) which I take frequently and Cipro that I have taken and no doctor or pharmacy picked up on that. Plus it interacts with a long list of things. It has caused me to have bleeding disorders which means it is messing with my liver and that is not good. I wish I did not have to take anything, but I do. The Lexapro she had me on caused even higher blood pressure and chest pain.

    Also I hope that the doctor I see will realize how badly I have been doing since going to this crappy center and I can get released from them and the court order. I think they should get in trouble for refusing me a 15 minute doctor visit, just because it is a policy. Rules are made to be broken. So I have to create a probably 15,000 hospital bill. It is all the government and their stupidity. I am going to write whoever is necessary until I at least get some answers as to why this had to happen. So unneccessary! I dread so much being locked up in a hospital but it will be worth getting better. This morning my blood pressure was super high. I know things are wacky with my body.

    Silly I know but I am excited to be able to manage to get a haircut tomorrow before I go in. It won't help my self esteem to have stringy long hair all over the place and in my eyes. Hospitals don't let you have things to manage wild hair. I also got a pair of jeans. Miracles do happen.

    By the way the lawyer is not for the mental health center, it is to get my ex to pay the 20 years of court ordered alimony he has not paid. It is going to be tricky to get all this to work out, but the lawyer can wait if it has to. I've waited this long for that. Yeah, he is a scumbag. Makes big money and I struggle. He owes it to me, so not sure how much of the back alimony and even child support he quit paying when my son was 13 that he will have to pay. I would think all of it. He is in contempt of court. It sure will hurt his feelings to give up that money, lol. I hate that too. Ha ha ha. I should have done it long ago, but he actually threatened me several times to not pursue it. So, I will be sure to mention that also.

    Wow, my life is like a tv drama. Or worse!

    Wish me luck, if anyone is reading this.

  6. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Wishing you all the luck in the world. I hope you can get on a great combo of meds that will help you lots. I know it can be done at a hosp. Because it happened to someoneI know and love. She went in there because no one was helping the right way. When she was there she convinced them to really just figure out the right combo of meds to be on. And she has been much better since. And she also has better follow up care. It was a win win for her. I am wishing same for you.

    I would imagine that the attorney will get the money from your ex. So hopefully both things will turn around now.
  7. DariaJane

    DariaJane Active Member

    Thanks Flowers,

    I appreciate that bit of knowledge SO much! As you can see, I have not made it there yet, I missed my hair cut appt because of over sleeping, lovely insomnia at night. I will get there. They do make you jump over hoops to get in there unless you want to go spend the night in the ER on an ironing board stretcher with all the rowdy drunks, plus you get no attention to your real problem. So crappy. I have got to get my hair cut somehow, maybe late today, then I pray I can get in there. I do have the phone appt with the attorney at 4 so I am trying to keep all the balls in the air, juggling. I sure wish I was getting help already but I will get there!

    Thanks so much for caring.

  8. DariaJane

    DariaJane Active Member

    I am not getting better, I think I dread going to the hospital so much that i am very slowly making the effort to get there. I am a mess! I just want to cry a lot. I am so stupid!
  9. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    I have been in hospitals and a nursing home so I know how they are, but your safety and well being is so much more important...I found that I best survive by picking out the one or two staff members who are not criminals and befriend them...that way, you create an advocate for yourself...please get the care you need...thinking of you
  10. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    sending safe :hug:s to you Daria. I like the suggestions sadeyes gave. I hope you find a good kind advocate there
  11. silent_chaos

    silent_chaos Well-Known Member

    im sorry to hear you in such position to not get help, im going to guess you live in America. stay strong, your not stupid! many here have been where you are. we are here for you my inbox is always open.
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