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-possibly triggering-

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Is it right to live only because your death will cause pain for others? Is it right to lie to everyone every day because the truth will only cause them pain? Is it right to pretend to be someone you'd like to be because the real you isn't even a person anymore? Is it right to hate everyone and everything as much as you hate yourself for hating them? Is it right to be 'friends' with anyone when the 'person' they're friends with is a figment of your imagination? Is it right to keep on living when you cause only pain and suffering for everyone who you meet? Is it right to 'befriend' someone when you feelings towards them aren't 'friendly'? Is it right to pretend to care when you don't? Is it right to live in the present with no regrets, yet hate every new passing moment more than every last for the life that you wish you were leading, but know that nothing ever even -could- possibly work out? Is it right? Is there any such thing? Is -right- just what we comfort ourselves with when we know full well that everything we do and feel couldn't be more wrong and hateful and decietful and purely evil? Is it 'right' for me to censor myself just so that this post might not get deleted for being offensive so that I can try and pervert the responces of good and honest people for my own dark self gratifying approval, so i 'feel' less 'guilty' for my 'sins'? Why? |- freedom (appreciate the irony)

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wow a lot of thought went into those questions i love how you provoke thinking in others really. Only one that can answer all those questions is you really. How would you feel leaving this world knowing you have passed your pain to someone else I don't think you have to pretend to be anyone but yourself and if you are not accepted then the friendship was not meant to be.
You have to be true to who you are the inner core you I think living and learning and changing is possible but that has to be one own chose right
hope i am making some sense hugs
freedom, these are questions I ask myself daily. Inevitably, I end up distracting myself too much to answer them, because maybe it isn't right. It is, however, what I know. And it has served me well, so I don't know if I can stop. Perhaps together, we can find the answers?


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What if what I am 'deep down' isn't human, or at least humane? What if all there is, 'deep down', is something almost 'mechanical', just rational and cold? Something that doesn't stop, doesn't care, doesn't need. Something that is mere cause and effect, function and reason, yet without cause and reason to be or continue to be. What if there are no breaks and no distractions, merely delays? Delaying what has no meaning or purpose, no 'deep down'. What if there is no end, no objective, no 'reason'? What if there is nothing to be found, nothing to be gained, nothing to be achieved, nothing to be realized, nothing to be had, nothing to be sought? What if there is no 'piece' to fit the 'jigsaw'? What if there is no 'moral' to be 'learnt'? What if there is no 'future' to 'fulfil? What is no one cares, cared, will ever care? |- freedom
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