post-psych visit recap

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by StangerInAStrangeLand, Apr 22, 2008.

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    post-psych visit -- feeling very suicidal

    Howdy All,

    Went to the psychiatrist today (first visit in a long time). Told him I was thinking a lot about suicide - he seemed unconcerned. He prescribed zyprexa and seroquel and told me to meet him next week. Didn't talk about any issues or anything - just medicines to restrain me. No anti-depressants strangely enough, nothing to help me sleep either (said the seroquel would help - unfortunately he doesn't understand my tolerance to medication [extremely high]). Laptop power port keeps giving out on me - just one more problem to add to the list. Not sure if this is gonna do it. I have some real problems coming up - I'm going to be homeless in a few months - have no support net for the future (at this point I am financially ruined and expecting my family to abandon me soon) - lost my dream of getting a college degree.

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    It's all setup now - we'll see where it goes.

    I'll keep y'all updated.

    Thanks for the help and support though.
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