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Post-Soviet countries in Eastern Europe

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Hello! I live in Ukraine. This post-Soviet countries. It is located south of Russia. Perhaps it will be difficult to understand each other not only because of language barrier, but also because of the barrier of our mentalities .. Many, especially among our young people have a desire to leave in the US for permanent residence. In the U.S., lives my cousin and friend, we sometimes rewrite them on the Facebook. In fact, hard to talk about the country and people which had never been. But I think that you are not faced with problems faced by people from third world countries. My country not last in this list. But believe me there are many problems. The first problem its small salary. It affects our purchasing power. For example not everyone can boy car, so most users of public transport. In the rush hour traffic is so crowded that you have to go "get involved" in the bus or micro bus. Suppose this is the minimum salary 200 - $ 250 per month. Good salary, which can get master's degree from an engineer $ 1,000. Those who receive more than $ 1,000 have been successful .. The average person can not buy a car, because cars are sold in the U.S. or European prices. So many seem strange in such a prosperous country, so many people want to suicide. On the planet there are many countries where people have things much worse than you. I understand that the U.S. also has many problems, but you have a lot of positive things that should please you.
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