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    Where can I go? I went to the brink of suicide 4 months ago, but decided I hadn't given myself enough of a chance. I'm trying to still do that, but I'm finding things tough to cope with (albeit just the normal stuff most people seem to manage okay).

    Who do I turn to as a post suicidal? I tried the Samaritians the week after I'd changed my mind, but they said they could only help if I was actually in a 'live' crisis, and would not suggest any other organisation that might be able to help me. I went to my GP, but she failed to refer me properly so I ended up waiting 8 weeks before any counsellor contacted me. Since that contact (by phone) I've been told I'd have to wait up to six weeks for a face-to-face appointment (this was 7 weeks ago).

    I feel like because I've tried to keep myself together I'm not seen as needing help. The counsellor on the phone actually decided that I had severe depression with mild anxiety. Is it just the lack of resources that means only the ones who actually got to the point of harming themselves are attended to? What happened to preventative medicine? Is there no 'after care' for people who have been through the trauma of nearly killing themselves? Are we viewed as okay because we didn't actually do it? Only left alone until we actually do make an attempt? By which time it might be too late.

    Friends and family are scared or ill equipped to talk to me about it. In fact only three people know that I tried to kill myself. Is there any organisation I can contact for help? Part of the motivation for suicide was being in a poor financial position, so paying for the full whack of counselling would make that situation worse, and I fear that would lead to more suicidal thoughts!
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    depends where you live hun in canada you can go to canadian mental health association call them and they will set up a meeting with you to get you help CMHA short form
    Go to your emergency dept and tell them you need help now tell them outright you are suicdal NOW and you need help now hun and a pdoc will see you then