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Post your current computer/phone wallpaper!


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It's actually just the regular / standard one that comes with the current iPhone & looks most like my current avatar; 'For NOW!!!!' :D :D _^~*>


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Phone lock screen:
1612402671904.png The inside of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for Tottenham vs Man City in the 2019 Champions League Quarterfinal
Phone background:
1612402772149.png Washington Capitals team dog Captain (being trained as a service dog for a disabled veteran or first responder) as a puppy

Computer background:
The outside of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and its surroundings in London


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I used to have personalized wallpapers, but then I discovered this "dynamic" one from my computer, which changes during the day to show a bright sunny blue sky in the morning, a gorgeous sunset in the evening, a starry sky at night... It's really good for my seasonal affective disorder for some reason, especially seeing that blue sky in the morning (which would be too much at night for example). I love it. :)


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