Post your pets picture!

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Following on from the post the pic of yourself, i thought i'd pay homage to those amazing animals which we own!

Here is my adorable, amazing, cute, loving, sweet, fantastic, beautiful doggy Cracker.


cracker again

He's soooo sweet! :D


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Great idea...... problem is I haven't a clue how to get a photo of my adorable dog on here! Yeah I know I'm old and confused!!


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Hazel - you can go to and upload a picture from your computer. Then copy the bit that says "Thumbnails for a forum" into the message.. and it's done (Thanks Aniel - i copied this from your thread lol)​
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Heres my FAAAAAAVVVOORRRRIIIIITTTTTEEEEEE most bestest friend in the entire world

Thats my Meggy :D shes 13 years old and I Love her to bits


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Of our 13 cats and 2 own, most loved, most needed, and most spoiled. Lady (the dog) and Mosely (not the dog) and Lady with brother Beau (no cat):



Sadsong is that a boarder terrior? I ahve a boarder terror/jack russel Heres some pctures of him :headphone:



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Rab, Cracker is a cross terrier but we don't really know what of cos he was a stray, but we think between a norfolk terrier and a jack russel.
Okay sadsong. Clo your pets are sooooooooooooo cute! especailly Jasper! I could hug him for ever! so cute lol :trampolin
hehe, I didn't post these pictures before with my doggies picture :p

but thats my hamster and my rat..

my hamsters name is Opie and my rats name is Cow :D


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Good to see Troubsey is in good form...beautiful wild life.

Chrissy...I noticed you mentioned photobucket but didn't bother to post any of a vast array of pictures of our bad cats...Time to catch them in their best poses...wyley while attacking cadie, Isis while swatting bugs and nudging, lacey while talking to us and swatting other cats, and cadie...well...ya know.(nickname pooper)

Aww Jess I had a hamster once. Infact i had 2!. Now they are gone. My mum wont allow me a rat which i really want. Oh well :ymca:
lol most people either think its gross that I have a pet rat.. and others think its funny that I named her Cow :D but thats just me beign strange :p

They both died though :cry: but hopefully I can talk my way into getting another :D

xxJess.. much love ;)
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