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Post Your Pets


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Is this an okay place for this thread?
Share photos of your pets! I know you're proud and like to brag on them, so let's hear it!
First photo is the dog we lost in December 2018. Her name was Olive.
Second is the dog we adopted in June 2019.
Last are my 3 year old sugar gliders, Steve Climber and Rabble Glider.
My current dog is named Ivan.
IMG_20181113_134534061_HDR.jpg IMG_20200205_115248333.jpg



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What's your cat's name? I had a tuxedo once and her name was Dicey. Haha
So far I just call her Cat or Miss Cat which she seems to like. An older rescue when I got her not very long ago and quite a friendly and affectionate cat. From what I learned when she rescued me she was not very well treated but after a couple of weeks she seemed to catch on that the funny looking new human was going put out food and water and toys for her to play with. Now she still does look at me with a cat expression of what is this moron doing now? LOL

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