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i’m so done today, it’s like my batteries finally stopped working and i’m just charging/sleeping all day.

i still am tired. i dont want to deal with anything, including the cats.
i just can’t anymore


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I shouldn't have put my Dunkin donut covered in paper in the same tote with my warm grilled cheese in a paper bag.
Also I wish Dunkin would just have little boxes for single donuts because even without the heat element, I feel like the way they give you the donuts with the paper on top is playing a bit of a dangerous game.


I want wind to blow
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I've got a crush on Avishar from this season of Top Chef. I really wanna try his food, but his restaurant is in Columbus, like 3 hours away from here. Might be a fun day trip if I could drive. But the bus trip out costs over $50 each way. (Thought Greyhound was supposed to be more economical than that tbh.) Though I'm pretty sure the restaurant isn't even doing dine-in currently, so even if I wanted to go it wouldn't be worth it to bother.

He's just a cute lil dork and I love him

First, congrats on getting a new computer.
Second, most computers dont have a disc drive anymore. Welcome to 2010. lol
Third, there's this magical thing called a cloud drive. Use it. You don't need to buy flash drives for things. Just stick it out there in the world (unless it's massively terribly important like your bitcoin lol)
What about my writing? I don't want anyone to claim it as their own. Lol


I want wind to blow
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I found a paper I was supposed to fill out for Vocational Rehabilitation a few months ago. I didn't know what to say at that point because I didn't have my final grades back since I had been taking extra time to finish my thesis. They wanted me to send it back by April 2nd. I emailed my grades to the guy who had been handling my case once I finally had all of them and told him to let me know if I needed to do anything else, but he never responded. I'm not sure if I'm still able to even get services. I'll try emailing him again tomorrow I guess.

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