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Post your petty good thing

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I've got a lot of good things, really. A beautiful wife, a son I adore, family that always seems to stick by me, some really great friends. I've got it all right now.
this got me to remember when you question me when I was depress “how are am I alone?” Now I get it lol. Kitty has great friends/some aunts that doesn’t judge me and plays a lot. 😺

Human Ex Machinae

Void Where Prohibited
Because my brain, my brain, my brain is back, stone cold sober as a matter of fact. (Elton John rolls over in his grave, thinking, 'WTH am I doing in a grave???')
It was a given right? 🙂 I'm can't help I'm a sappy shitwhore
Had to blink twice that time, could have sworn you were calling yourself a 'shipswhore'. "He joined the Merchant Marines?"*confused
That your PM? You lucky bastard.
This is what we have to deal with. And also proof on why inbreeding is bad

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Someone must have suddenly held up a mirror at that moment.
Wtf...is she even wearing a shirt underneath?
It's a state secret.*shh
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