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i miss the late 80s. we lived in northern maine and our food budget was so low it was ridiculous. first a friend of mine was going to throw ayay a freezer that didn't work anymore and it was only 8 years old. well i tinkered with it and got it running. of course i did the right thing and offered it back to him but he said i fixed and i should keep it. it was still running years later when we moved.

we had a local farmer that loved our kids. we bought vegies from his farm stand and he always gave a good price. toward the end of the season he would tell us to grab all the cucumbers in the field and when he had alakan king cabbage would split, they were huge, he sold them to us for a quarter. so we froze what we could and it helped through the winter.

we also got great deals from the local iga. they would take any meat that hit the last sale date and freeze them. we would pick up this meat from 11 to 50 cents on the dollar on average, but we had to take banana boxes full without looking at it . out of over a 1000 pounds of meat over the years we did it we only got one bad batch of steaks, only a small portion of the load. we could also get the reduced rack of bread products and deserts or the produce rack for around $3 each, and these racks were around 6 feet tall. it was cheaper to buy the whole rack.

of course we couldn't eat everything so we always shared the produce and bread products with our neighbors as well as meat we didn't like. now food is incredibly expensive, yes i miss the late 80s when we could eat for almost nothing


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