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Posting cause if i don't . . .

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May the blood of the hated run through the river of the veins and give me the strength to proceed without boundries to view the ones I hate turned inside out myself pleased with the sight of murder.

Why do I crave this so what is wrong with me?

I know this isn't really suicidal but I don't know where to turn or what to do my mind has thoughts that don't belong there. And i know what you are thinking 'yeah sure everyone thinks like this' but does everyone identify with the bad guy the killer in films and fantasy? do you all compare yourself to the hulk and say that the rage caged up inside yourself is only one tenth of the hulk that meating the hulk is pleasent compared to what I could do, could become, and if i did do something that I couldn't look at myself again.

And on the line of identification I can identfiy myself completely as 'Itchy the killer' for those of you who haven't seen it, it's about a boy/teen that kills for enjoyment now i haven't ever killed anything but in mind the world is dead nothing exists but my bitter hate for it. there is nothing here for me and the only thing i hold on to is bitter hope for that something better but as I wait for it I don't know what could happen.

We all call out for something but wait hopelessly in the dark.


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there is nothing wrong with u hunny. i do it too i spose we all do. its just a way we find that helps us. theres nothing wrong with u.

love nic
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