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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by TaraJo, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. TaraJo

    TaraJo Banned Member

    I haven't relapsed yet.... but I fear I will soon.

    I haven't cut myself for nearly four months now. However, I have lots of shit that's all kinda hitting the ceiling all at once.

    An ex has kinda gone off the deep end and is sending me threatening messages via facebook, spreading rumors and talking bad about me (ironically, she's saying that I'm trash talking her when I haven't thought about her in months).

    I also may have lost my only source of income which means I'm going to run out of food soon; I'm already out of medication but if I can't get some money, I can't refill the prescriptions. And my phone could get turned off pretty quick which would make it tough to find work.

    I don't want to cut, but I know all this stress is starting to pile up. I know if I did cut, it would freak out my girlfriend (who isn't exactly the type who would know what to do) and the rest of my friends.

    If you see relapse coming, how can you stave it off? I don't want to start cutting again; I'm really proud that I've gone 4 months without it and I want to keep it up!
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    talk to some community agencies to see if help is available for your meds and food etc. talk to councillor a therapist someone who can help you cope. Maybe go to hospital tallk to crisis team there they might have some direction to getting some community help. you have prevented SH this long so you have the coping skills keep using them okay take care
  3. BeautifulDisaster.

    BeautifulDisaster. Banned Member

    I would try my hardest to keep myself focused on something I enjoy doing, this could be anything, (anything that is not harmful), and I would try to keep myself focused on that until the urges are less enough to stop focusing so much, and I would go back to that focus when the urges increase to a degree where I feel unsafe.

    I would talk to my friends, friends who are understanding and not afraid to show a bit of TLC(Tender Loving Care), and I would talk to them until I feel the urges are less, and I feel calmer in myself.

    I would Journal. I would rant it all out.

    I would take a gentle walk, (though I can't do that anymore) and I'd clear my head.

    I hope things get better for you soon.
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