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  1. I

    Some argue/insist that it’s always there.
    Hidden, not even quite so mysterious
    but only needing to be revealed,
    sculpted like the statue inside a stone,
    or a pearl wrought from the oyster’s tears.
    Not necessarily new, simply yet unseen.
    Looking at the universe,
    I’ve long supposed it to be a safe assumption,
    not even merely a wish.
    I’ve seen it blossom in many ways
    in my small corner of the cosmos.
    Yet on the other hand,
    it can be so elusive
    as to have one effectively argue for defeat
    in having tried to search it out,
    and fallen short far too many times.
    Not for the sole wish that things be “so”,
    but just that they be… and were given a chance,
    to flourish, to work themselves to a fruitful end.
    But they had not. I’ve seen that too.
    Sometimes there’s a surprise, and sometimes, none

    These, my thoughts,
    are not those of the proverbial optimist,
    but of one who has walked both sides of the line,
    and stood too long behind the one,
    through no fault of my own…

    I should ought to look forward to the new start,
    better, the previously unseen.
    But I am afraid.


    I took all the paintings
    and brique-a-brac off my walls
    It’s a strange nakedness
    I am moving.
    These things did not leave shadows,
    but hindsight
    The walls themselves
    have darkened with my living here
    But the things I started with
    left their highlight
    Certainly they will be painted over
    by other owners
    But underneath the new coat,
    I was here…

  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I love it!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! (if I use the 'more' smilies I get kicked off the server) WOW - CLAPPING - CHEERLEADER - OOOOHH - Idon'tknowhowyoukeepcomingupwithallthesegreatpoemsthatIwishI'dwritten.

    Really really excellent, FAL1!!! You've outdone yourself, and you're a tough act to follow!:rolleyes:


    it reads aloud so wonderfully...
  3. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    I like the tone of this piece the best of all.

    In my opinion (only) I think this is your better format...

    Beautiful FAL1. It's always so unpredictable when we start talking to ourselves...

  4. Thanks both....

    If only for hope and perpetual potential... I think I'm going to be away for a while - till I get settled. Your words do my heart good. I only hope to do the same every now an again

    Ciao Bellas!

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