(potentially) suicidal friend's family WEIRD

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  1. My friend made vague suicide talk to me over the phone over the course of several months and after reading the suicide website details I realised he was in danger of doing it, if not now then someday.

    Stuff like "I wish I was never born," "without my mother and sister I'd kill myself," "there's nothing left in life for me, I wasted my life, I just want to reunite with the cosmos/God".

    I tried to get in contact with him for a couple days but he wasn't there. So I looked his sister and aunt and uncle (who he tells me about a lot) in the phone book and I tried calling them. Nothing. Then I tried Facebook. I had emailed his aunt in the past and she didn't seem to mind and I think I told him about it and neither did he.

    I emailed someone who was friends with the aunt (because I could not get in touch with the aunt) and she phoned her and the aunt phoned my friend, Well, later on I got a phone call from him and his half sister also (I was out and my family took the call).

    When I got home I left messages for him and called his sister. She talked to me and said that she was a cop and that I better unfriend all his relatives on facebook and that he is a very private person and he shuts down when he has family issues. No such thing is true. He was more eager to see and talk to me and have me come over, and private? He tells me so many details he is the biggest gossip in town.

    Also, he had told me about this sister before and said she was randomly trying to establish a relationship in his life and he had barely heard from her all his life. She says she is the most trusted out of all the siblings and he called her first.

    The next day the cousin told me that the aunt told the family to stop contacting me (strange, she never blocked me on facebook) and that my friend told the aunt I was stalking him and hadn't been talking to him in a while. Not true, I had talked to him two or three days before all this.

    Why is he lying to his family? Does he want to downplay his involvement with me? Why? What is the family up to that he needs to lie to them about me?

    Why did that sister say she was a cop and try to scare me away from being part of his life? Why did the aunt tell the cousin to tell me to stop talking to the family, but the aunt didn't block me on FB? Why did the half sister say that my friend blocked me on FB when he didn't? (though he is never online and we never friended each other yet in the first place)

    My friend had told me once that his father (who he almsot never saw growing up) had ties with the mob, and this half sister is from the father! Does this have something to do with the family's "secretiveness"?