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    Here is a Stream of Conscious mess of of random ridiculous:

    I really worry about the world.

    I worry about rape statistics

    I worry about male chauvinism

    I worry about Female chauvinism

    I worry about have nots

    I worry about Global warming

    I worry about wars escalating into holocausts, or worse

    I worry about a Globe Shift

    I worry about Biblical Prophesy

    I worry about Mayan Prophesy

    I worry about Scientific prophesy

    I worry about all the really cool literature and media being destroyed, because theres an industry designed to hold it ransom from us

    I worry that I'm damned

    I worry Hell exists and that suicide would take me there

    I worry about never being able to make passionate love to a women again

    I worry about facing the facts that we're not being visited by benevolent aliens

    I worry I'm going to be sent to a labor camp to die one day because I'm on a pension for worrying

    I worry that there are no angels

    I worry that the most pessimist philosophies are correct

    I worry that everything I believe about civility is incorrect, and that vulgarity is the way

    I worry about women in power

    I worry about men in power

    I worry about aliens in power

    I worry that Authority has been made into a carcass for the werewolves of the new social order to devour

    I want a Christ

    I want love

    I want the horror movies I enjoy to be enjoyed by Christ

    I want power to see, and to change, and help; which can only be acquired through authoritative means

    I want Heaven to be fascist, but so that hell might be emptied

    I want Hermes to be real

    I want Chronos to return and favor humanity

    I want to feel touched by Odin

    I want Yggdrasil's soil to be of peace and not hel

    I want the Aliens to help humanity progress past our tyrannical corporate sponsors

    I want to not just to make love with who I love, but to fuck them while feeling comfortable about it

    I want Men

    I want Women

    I want free transportation

    I want free meals

    I want free hotels

    I want to be in charge

    I want to feed my slim brilliance

    I want to be king

    I want Ice cream

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