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  1. BelovedDreamer

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    It would be so much easier
    if I could find the root
    reveal this fear.
    But it is not one fear
    but many.
    Here, today,
    I find one.
    I fear I’ve lost the words.
    In the suddenness of this loss
    they fall even farther away.
    The only thing I really believe in
    my faith, the thing which holds me to hope,
    the power which I can call mine,
    my facility with language,
    draining out of me in a rush.
    I cannot call myself my own
    as I lose faith in my faith.
    I have balanced my self-respect
    and the whole weight of my future
    on my mind
    and I find myself helpless
    as it loses its purchase
    and begins the slide.
    I’ve fallen down this hill
    once or twice before
    and I simply don’t know
    if I can climb back up again.
    Prayers, surge out in a rash of silence, to a god who
    doesn’t hold the reins to my faith
    but the meaning behind them
    the need is no less for the lack of direction.
    not for the concrete
    the dollars and cars
    or the simplicity of strength
    but for the vagaries of life with love
    of words that don’t bleed white with loss of meaning
    not for utter sanity
    but for madness that will not utterly devour.
    I beg, without regard for dignity,
    the unthinking rush of time
    driving past my ears
    and driving me beyond
    any point I recognize.
    or might have thought to reach.
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    it's good :):)
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