Praying for Suicide: A Christian Prayer

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by snowflakemeltsme, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. As a Christian suicide is suppose to be a really big no no. I am suppose to go to hell. Well, I am in hell so it certainly cannot get any worse. I also have been taught that God forgives me for my sins. So if I commit suicide which is sin (as I am taught) I should be forgiven. It would seem I can rationalize the whole suicide thing into an acceptable Christian act. Sounds good when I type it here. Truth is I am praying for the strengh to commit suicide. I have already done all the leg work for the methods. I am scared of failing again and that is weighing heavy on my mind. If I fail I will be sent to jail. I must succeed. So my prayers to God are for him to help me to kill myself. Is that insane? Maybe, but so is living in this hell I am right now. The pain, the emptyness, the lonliness, the betrayal. I have nothing and no one thus I leave nothing behind. I need prayers, prayers to succeed in death.
  2. Ill pray for you...but that you don't succeed and things get better for you! You deserve for things to get better, and sooner or later, they are bound to. I know at times it seems impossible, but give it a chance please? Im here if ya wanna talk...:smile:
  3. gentlelady

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    I really don't know what to say that can help you snowflakesmeltme. You know my feelings on this subject. You are such a kind caring person I don't understand what it is you feel you have done to deserve this. You deserve life, and a better one at that. I think you could achieve it if you would only believe in yourself. Please don't give up. You tell me to keep fighting. i am asking the same thing of you. Stay safe hun and take care always. :hug:
  4. mykindofpain

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  5. mykindofpain, what kind of person are you to call him a <Mod Edit: Abacus21-comments on a deleted post> and just devalue the morals and beliefs on which he has been raised?! You have no right to do such things. Let him believe what he wants to and if he's interested I'm sure he would look into it. You had absolutely no right to say what you did. as for the real subject here, once again, you will be in my prayers and i agree with what gentlelady has said. Please continue fighting, don't give in...please!
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    Actually snowflake, the church changed their minds on the suicide/hell matter a few years back. No joke....
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    I have one goal in life and that is to commit suicide. But I am haunted day and night (especially recently) about whether suicide is truly a sin or not. I'm not the most dedicated Christian, I do not go to church (although the reasons behind that are that I am completely housebound and agoraphobic which means I cannot get to a Church.) But I do pray every night and respect God.

    What happens to me when I finally succeed in taking my life is actually starting to give me serious nightmares. But I also realize that life is far too painful and hard for me to continue living.... Which brings me to the point of this post....

    I was having a mild panic attack about 20 minutes ago. Feeling really breathless and badly worrying about my future, when I decided to search through Google for debates on whether suicide is truly a sin or not. I found this site.... and it's content really makes sense to me. It argues that suicide is the act of a mentally ill person and that having a mental illness is not a sin.

    I don't know how true it is, but I'm certainly not panicking as much as I was 20 minutes ago.
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    I've had enough of the bickering that's going on in this thread.

    mykindofpain - it's not your place to say whether God is real or not - it's snowflakemeltsme's decision on whether God is real, no-one elses.

    If you don't agree that there is a God, then fine - but do not post slanderious and hurtful comments about it - as it may be her only lifeline.
    Do not insult other members either - maybe re-read the rules before you post again?

    To the others: let's get this thread back on track, and support snowflakemeltsme, rather than insult each other, as that promotes nothing but bad feeling.

    If any of you want to debate without insulting each other the Soap Box is there. A suicidal person's thread is NOT where to do it.
  9. I've tried to keep snowflakemeltsme in every response that I have because that's who this thread is about, but for someone to act out at mykindofpain did, just annoyed me and it was unfair to snowflakemeltsme. I have no desire to continue the debate and I would much rather support snowflakemeltsme... :hug: I will keep you in my prayers and I know you can make it through this hun!
  10. I certainly did not post for debate but rather for answers, questions. I am on the edge and the last obstacle to death may be my faith. I think I have now fixed that in rationalizing that suicide is ok with God. If before I take my life I pray to God to forgive me for the act, will he? When I die will I still go to heaven? God is suppose to know everything about us so surely he will know that I am mentally unhealthy and that the pain in my life was too much. I think he will forgive me and embrace me. Knowing that I can take comfort in taking my life. I think it is ok to pray for suicide, I think God understands. It is ok for me to be Christian, to have faith, to pray and to commit suicide.
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    Forgive me if this isn't the place for saying what I am going to, but I am a christian too, and struggling, and everything I say is always said with complete love and respect. I don't pretend to have the answers or to know the heart of God more than anyone else - but I wanted to share something with you for you to think about. The Bible asks us to believe and repent and the definition of repentance is to turn 180 degrees away from what we know is stuff that God doesn't want. Asking for forgiveness can only be a retrospective thing I think, as in, after we've done something that we know isn't God's will. Because asking for forgiveness requires regret for what has happened. Arguably, you could say that it is possible to regret something before you have done it, but I don't think it works in quite the same way. I think the Bible is quite clear inasmuch as the taking of any life is not something that God wants, but at the same time I don't think that there is any sin that is unforgiveable. Above all else, he is a just God, and a God of love. I too will pray for you - but as Jacque said, I will pray that life will be kinder to you and that things will start to feel a bit easier and a bit more ok. Take care.
  12. gentlelady

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    I feel much as you do fluffy. I am not sure how it all works, or if it even does anymore, but i don't think you can ask forgiveness in advance. I think it is after the fact.
    snowflake, I hope you can find it within yourself to keep trying to hold on for better days. I think they are out there for you, you just haven't found them or allowed them in. Take care and stay safe. You are a good person even if you can't see it. :hug:
  13. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    The bible says the only unforgivable sin is blasphemy agains the holy spirit. Mark 3:29 "Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin."
  14. JustWatchMeChange

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    No way Snow. You ain't goin nowhere without talkin to me first. Even if you do go to heaven, when I get there I'll kick your butt. You talk to me before you do anything (day or night I don't care).

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