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  1. Been using one pair of shoes for my marathon running and trainings and it has been less than 2 months and the shoe is already half gone! Tried using shoe goo for the sole and the smell of toluene from the glue is making me sick.. so smelly.. now what..? my shoes is SGD$199 (vibram fivefinger KSO) and it's just 2 months and the shoes is very worn.. damn! should have used shoe goo before i even start to wear the shoe to protect the sole from premature wear.. now, i am suffering from a hole in my pocket illness.. ZZZZZZZZzzzz............!!!!
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    Dam eh i would take shoe back to where you bought it some warranties go for 3 months on footwear if you still have receipt hugs
  3. I have a habit of dragging my feet when I runs.. Causing all my shoes to wear out very fast.. Must change my running form.. I don't think the shoe company will exchange for me because it's not a defect..
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    Sorry to hear about that...hopefully there is a way to fix them.