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Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

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Has anyone had any experience of this? I've just been put on Prozac for depression, but I think it's more likely that I have PDD. I'm not sure 100% though. I get a mad depression for like, the two weeks leading up to my period (sorry if that's too much info.) it's terrible, really serious.. then it goes away for a week or so (I don't feel great, just a little better) During my depressive stage I self harm, constantly think of suicide, make myself sick, everything slows down. I thought that I might be bipolar, but there's a total lack of mania, so I suppose that kind of rules it out, hah.

Please help! I don't want to start taking these meds properly before I know what's really wrong with me.

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hi, i wouldn't say i have PDD but i certainly get more emotional around the time of my period, i feel more depressed and am almost crying every second of the day.

you say that for the weeks outside of it you still feel a bit depressed so if i were you i'd give the tablets a go. If they help then brilliant, if not then go speak to your doc nd see about tring some other ones.

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