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    The girl I like, her birthday is at the end of the month. I haven't told her I like her but we go out on dates. I haven't kissed her yet either. I really like her, but I just want to let it happen, not some lame "do you like me" middle school moment. Don't get me wrong, I want to find out soon, but if I say I want to be your boy friend it will scare her off. I like her a lot actually.

    I think she likes me too, but there is always that we are just friends bullshit there. She flirts, she's always happy to see me or if I call her. I have a blast when we hang out and I think she does too, but there are a few things against me.

    1. I am the first foreigner friend she has ever had. Koreans do date foreigners but its sort of looked down upon by other Koreans. They are often stigmatized in public for it.

    2. I am over weight. I don't feel like I am as disgustingly fat as I once was 260 from 370, I am still a big dude, in a world where most Korean guys are a full 100lbs smaller than me and wear jeans I couldn't wear in middle school.

    3. I haven't had much luck in the lady department in...... well.... ever. As soon as I say I like a girl they either, freak out, say we are just friends, or drop off the face of the earth.

    So I know I shouldn't bank everything on this girl. I just haven't felt this way in a long time. I feel compelled to smile when I see her. I love the way she scrunches her nose when she is thinking about something (often the English/Korean translation) She is very sweet and kind to me. She has the singing voice of an angel. She has been very excited to tell her friends and family about me. I just want to kiss her. I want to take her to picnics, walks and just see her smile. I feel a sweet pain (the best way to describe it) when she crosses my mind. I find her adorable and irresistible.


    Her birthday is coming up on August 30th. She said she doesn't want anything and she has no plans for her birthday. To me that is womanese for hey dummy do something special and sweet. I was thinking flowers, candy, and a nice letter, possibly a stuffed bear; they love cutsey stuff here one of the charms of dating in Asia; but perhaps that is a bit too cliche. Should I say I like her BEFORE i give her that or use that as my "suprise I like you" Guhh I am 26 and I feel like I am in middle school. Ladies and gentlemen, help a hopeless romantic out.
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    Just coming straight out and saying, "Hey, I like you" might actually be a bit too forward for her anyway. Obviously, as I'm not her, I can't be sure, but it could embarrass her or something, if she's a little shy. Regarding being a foreigner, I can't really comment because I've never lived in an area like that myself. Well done on the weight loss though! How tall are you, just out of interest? So I can get an idea of how your weight looks on you. I've never really considered weight to matter much. I always went for very muscular men a year ago, swore I'd never date anyone who wasn't the same because they "weren't my type". Then I met my now-boyfriend, who is actually underweight (but now weight enough to not be putting his health at risk, very proud XP) When you meet someone you're interested in, weight doesn't usually play that much of a part, unless you're looking for a shallow realtionship (usually!)
    And about not having much luck? Well that has to change eventually, right?

    The way you talk about her is very sweet x3

    Hmmm.. thats actually tricky. When I say I don't want anything, I mean it XD Though there are just as many girls who say it and don't XP
    I wouldn't say anything BEFORE the gift, personally, for the reasons I mentioned above. I'd actually write it in the letter, personally. That way, she can read it in private. It doesn't put her on the spot.

    Now about the actual gift! Yeah, those things are a bit cliche, but its all about presentation XP For example, a dozen red roses and just a random box of chocolates aren't very thoughtful. Pick her favourites (or just some you know she likes, if you're not sure yet.) Bonus points if you remember something she mentioned casually in conversation!

    Maybe you could put together a nice basket or gift bag. You could fill it with silk flowers, then put different kinds of candy and a stuffed bear or any other cute things that cross your mind, and put the letter in there too?

    Just a suggestion. If I sound way off the mark, don't be afraid to tell me to hush XD

    EDIT: I just thought to add, I don't mean something like this XD Just something small, sweet and subtle~!
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    I am about 6'3. I am not sure all the signals are there but I have been wrong before. Its not like much would change if I told her I would like her.Sex is probably miles away and that's ok with me. This is one of the few girls that I have spent time with and had fun with sober. I don't have a drinking problem or anything but for me to have fun sober is a big deal. I am used to having a date with drinks. Its nice to not do that. I missed out alot on dating when I was younger. Its nice to have more innocent experiences here. Where holding hands actually means something. I know it sounds rediculous haha. She could mean don't buy me anything but why would she mention her birthday today if she didn't want to do anything. This weekend we are going to the movies. I stopped by today at her work (she works at the building next to me) just to say hi. I'm such a mush over this girl.
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    Hey mc,

    I liked reading about your story. I myself have fallen head over heels for an Asian girl. Heh, for Valentine's Day I got her a teddy bear, chocolates and a handmade card. I was a Secret Admirer of course. I never got the courage to tell her it was from me.

    When you do write your note, maybe you want to make it into a handmade card. Be creative with this one. I googled the web to get ideas. She's obviously going to like your message, the card just adds that extra umphh. She'll feel special.

    I like Rayne's idea of really catering the gift to her wants. She must have told you things that she liked or you must know her preferences, colours she likes and other things.

    Have fun with this, I love coming up with the gift. You won't be able to stop thinking about her while you do lol.

    Have fun!
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    i like the idea. very sweet and romantic. maybe you could find out some of her favorite things and make your gift a little more personal. for example, does she have a favorite candy? i don't think it will be necessary to tell her that you like her before hand, she will already get the idea when you present her with the gift. remember that girls always will appreciate a guy who is a good listener, supportive, and makes her feel like she is the only woman alive. always be subtle, but get your point across. also, remember that actions always speak louder than words when it comes to women.