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President Petraeus?

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What do you think Americans,is that who is going to be your next president?

Surely Gen Petraeus is a better bet for the White House than Sarah Palin will ever be?

Unless the Republicans want to waste billions of dollars in the most high profile way imaginable?

The next president could be anybody.

Americans are stupid and easily tricked by politicians.

Personally, Ron Paul will have my vote if he runs.


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Keith Olbermann for president!

Makes more sense then Ron Paul or Betrayus. xD
Chances are pretty high that the conservatives will run with Michael Huckabee. If he wins though... that'll seriously hamper my plans of moving to the states... ><

Seeing Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann run would be fun. My 3 year old neice is smarter then those 2 combined xD Then again, she is pretty damn smart ^^


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The Democrats are going to push for an Obama second term but it will be a mistake... unless the Republicans really mess up and put Palin forward they will beat Obama easily.

Hillary would be the best bet for the democrats. She is not a very contentious person and the moderate Republican would not oppose her.


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Well the main thing that will decide if Obama can beat whatever contender is the economy. OR if they conservatives do something really stupid right now, like go after social issues. That'll piss enough people off.

I can't remember the guys name, I think hes the Mayor of San Francisco. He's been on Real Time with Bill Maher and The Rachel Maddow show a few times. If the democrates want a liberal with a great record hes their main man! :)


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I think whomever gets in it won't matter.
True. I say that to the people i know but they stil think that it matters who is president of th US. We are all in the hands of the money people...Untill the day people realise this and do something about it.


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That'll never happen. I recon the states will end up with hyperinflation as the gap between rich and poor grows even bigger and it'll end up collapsing and completely owned by the Chinese.


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end up owned by the Chinese.
True but I have heard that before... When the Japanese turned into a superpower and the engine of the world.
The main difference is that the US did not have so much debt and weren't printing so much money. Its worrying.


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He's a good man and even though I believe the war in iraq should not have happened based on the conditions in 2003, I do not hold any of it against him. This war was not his choice. His job, as a military man, is to do the things required of him. He does those things well. But I do not believe he would ever have a flying chance in <> to ever become president. There's too much resentment about the war - this man would be a huge bullseye that says "Hey look at me me me! See me me!!!????" It would never work out. For the same reason, Sarah Palin shouldn't either. And lets say he runs, would I? No.
Thank you all for letting a Briton understand the nuances of American politics. :)

Maybe he wouldn't be bad choice,or even a bad president?
Could you imagine a hawk trying to glorify war to a warrior?

This man would not feel the need to use military force in order to shrug off a wimp tag or pander to a demographic.
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