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okay i am 23 years old. I live in milwaukee, wisconsin. I started adulthood nice by going to college,job,own apartment. recently i lost it all...and i noticed the past 3 years i been changing. ....recently found out im bi polar. I suffer from depression and right now i am not on meds either. Unable to access meds, and lately ive been smoking pot trying to cope. it helps temporarirly. but i lack energy, dont enjoy anything, from sports, dating, etc. Its even hard enjoying things i really like. And i think about dealth and throwing in the towel regularly. i just dont see things getting better, although i try.

I recently lost my job, apt, over jail. And dealing with life on top of these suicidal battles takes a toll on me. I dont know what to do. I want to be happy n enjoy life again


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I to self medicate to deal with my bipolar symptons, your right it helps but the real thing to look at here is its only temporary. Smoking has turned into a 14 year addiction for me, that costs huge and take to much of alot of me, time, energy, motivation, caring, alot!

You should contact your local health clinic, there should be places that you can go and get help for free or very little costs. There may be a waiting list so do it as soon as you can. The more you let yourself go down the harder it will be to pull yourself back up.

I self medicate, but am currently back on my meds also, there are times that I cant control my anxiety and lack of giving a shit, lol.

Im sorry to hear about you going to jail, I hope that whatever that took you there taught you a lesson about life and how hard it is and will be so much harder if you put those extra burdens on yourself. How long were you in, you may have to reteach yourself how to have fun, because jail trains you to be one way.

For me, boredom has almost everything to do with my depression, and keeping it under control. You have to find things to occupy yourself, whether it be sports or just working your butt off, thats life the more we sit around and think about it the more questions will arise and most times we are not happy with the answers we come up with.
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