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    so, the pressure is on for me to find a THIRD job because one of them changed ownership thus I get only one day a week and despite all my hard work at the other one, they ALSO cut my hours. Not only is the pressure on for ME, but my mom is putting it on me too, which is only gonna make it worse. Nobody seems to understand that the more pressure put on me, the worse I fuck up. But that's the way this world is; according to those who claim to be superior to me, the ONLY way you can get people to perform is to patronize them. Not just all this, it's Christmas and almost my birthday and both are really triggering to me.

    I just want to be happy, but unfortunately that's too much to ask since I sadly want too much out of life... but at least I'm real about it instead of bottling in the unhappiness for years only to have it all explode later at the cost of my life.

    I'm just through with life. I won't go into more details because I'd be too real about the shit and then get the post deleted or perhaps even banned from the forum. Nobody can handle the truth; they prefer fairy tales and indentured servitude... so long as everyone else around them believes in the same fairy tales and is an indentured servant too.

    Oh, and if I hear ONE MORE WORD about how worthless psychologists and being a guinea pig for MORE anti depressants and various other pharmaceuticals than I already had is the fix, I am going to FLIP!
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  2. Hey hun! Hope you're doing a bit better! I won't offer any advice on pharmaceutical simply because I don't feel it an answer for most things. Ad for everybody else's negative opinions, I'd set those folks aside and focus on you. You're important to. And I can't say their responses are due to a lack of concern but simply because they misunderstand what your going through and how authentic it actually is. Hopefully you'll find some like minded individuals on here that will better understand your struggles. Keep your head up! XO Angela
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