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    I SWEAR it!! Why do people constantly feel the need to pressure me!!
    I don't know what's going on anymore!
    I'm so stressed out and all my friends around here want to do is put even more on me.
    Well why don't you do that or this! It's not. that. fucking easy!!
    There are 18 days left of high school! shouldn't i be excited?!
    and Happy? Yeah. well.. I don't know! I just don't know!!!
    Friends are pressuring me not to leave after my mind has been made up.
    Telling me they wished they hadnt been so close to me
    cuz it's going to kill when I leave.
    Am I allowed to be happy with what I'm gonna do?!
    Why do they always have to make me guilty for my happiness?!
    School around here year after year is all I've EVER known.
    All I've ever done!
    I've been wanting to graduate for yearssssss.
    But now that it's here, I'm totally..scared and..not sure.
    Theres so much pressure to get everything done on time now.
    So much pressure to do well on tests.
    So much pressure from my friends.
    So much negative energy from my friends because I'm not sure!!
    What's wrong with not knowing?
    What's wrong with trying to take things slow?
    What's wrong with not wanting to graduate yet?
    What's wrong with wanting to freeze my last couple weeks at high school?
    Apparently, EVERYTHING! I'm just not ready. I'm not ready to walk into the real world.
    Sure, I've been told I'm wise beyond my years.
    Sure, this high school senior shit is easy.
    and that's all i'm getting.
    from teachers.
    from friends.
    from my mom.
    from everyone.
    I. NEED. AIR!
    Can't they all just drop it?!
    Can I NOT enjoy my last few days in high school pressure free?
    Can I please just have the motivation to DO my homework?
    Study for tests?
    So I can end on a good note?
    Can I just have the strength to go to the scheduling counsellor and get transcripts.
    Get everything set up?
    If someone asked what I want...I'd give them a fucking big hug assed question mark. >.>

    Sorry for my rant..I'm just so frustrated. Angry. Pressured. Unsure. and Confused as fucking hell as it gets. >.<
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    :cheekkiss: It will be okay. I will take care of everything when you get here :) With college i mean :p It will be awesome and its okay to be nervous. I nearly shat when i graduated high school. We are really excited to get you out here and away from your **** of a mother :D Sorry haha. I love you <3 It will be okay. I promise. And the people pressuring you? tell them to go fuck a cow mkkay? good :D
  3. hollowvoice

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    its good you have a friend in locked inside
    but fuck a cow ? lmao
    in england its shag a sheep!
  4. absolution

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    :D yes fuck a cow! haha

    A sheeep? o_O oh man...the images in my head right now are not PG XD
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  5. hollowvoice

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    yep mine too animals here massages and desserts on other thread where next?lol
  6. absolution

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    haha! XD
  7. lurktheshadows

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    poor poor cows v.v :laugh:

    krista we all love you so much, tell everyone who's pressuring you to FUCK OFF (I love doing that every once in a while xD)

    you'll make it through and be happy with sam and everything will be bubbles and sunshine

    you made it through high school! that is fucking ASTOUNDING because high school is hell on earth, and I'm extremely extremely proud of you <3
    forget all the stress, even just for a moment, and celebrate! :stars:

    WATCH THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhChl6tCYFg BE ZACH

    sorry about this post, I'm feeling manic xD
  8. WildCherry

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    :lol!: This post took an odd turn, with the sheep conversation! :p

    Being under so much pressure sucks, I remember my last few weeks of high school. They were HELL, especially with finals!!

    I'm curious though, how do you only have 18 days of school left? I'm completely confused!!