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pretty ugly

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You can tell what my problem is by reading some comments that have been made about me this year (all by diff. people in diff. places):
"Too bad. Her body's hot but her face is ugly. So her body's wasted!"
"She's hot from behind, but when she turns around, augh!"
"She looks like a man, huh? HAHAHA!"
"Ugly face! Fuck NO!!"
Apparently, my body attracts attention, but my face turns me into one giant disappointment. When girls become jealous of my body, my face is like a big relief to them, and so they attack. I can't live w/ these remarks (or variations of them) every day. (No, I'm not paranoid! I am otherwise what you consider a 'normal' person). It's difficult to live and try to hide what people recognize you by, what describes an individual.
If you have even just an average face, be thankful! This is something we are born with and can't really be changed.
Suicide seems better than wearing a bag over my head for the rest of my life.


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Pfft. They're being catty. They don't deserve your attention, tho I know well myself that barbs like that hurt like hell. (turned me into a sardonic, snarky goth, y'know?)

Just assuming that the "ugly" assessment is right*, you can always learn about makeup, charisma, even get plastic surgery if you feel the need, but they're doomed to constantly make themselves look like donkey's asses whenever they feel threatened.

* ... and as an artist, I can almost guarantee that people just aren't looking correctly. I've done nudes of figures that'd been labelled "ugly" after helping them lotion pimple scars, made the pictures look like them AND capture the essence of their beauty.

Forget people who base their taste on magazine covers. They have no artfulness.



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A few things...

1) People can be incredibly cruel, and have a lot of impact without even realising it
2) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
3) Never judge a book by its cover.
4) Plastic surgery is possible, but it is hyper expensive

In saying all that I realise how hard it is day to day....It must be a nightmare. I have a couple of physical features Id like to change, but its really expensive and only one of them is something that I feel strongly enough about to get changed. That feature is something that I know people make comment on (and no it isnt my nose in case certain people browsing the forum are wondering lol)
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A said before beauty is in the eye of the beholder, What someone finds attractive may not be attractive to the nest person.

For me personailty counts, why be with someone how you can't stand but they look good?

Society is far to concerned with looks these day, we have the hyped up adverts, modelling programs, singing programs, magazines news papers etc. all based on looks and we as the public take notice of that because its in our faces 24/7, if something is shown to us time and time again we will start to adopt that behaviour, its wrong but thats the way society works these days.

Remember one thing, we are all special, every single person, looks don't matter, any one who judges another person on looks is shallow and needs to get a life.

Take care



It always makes me smile when people say that personality is what counts. Yes it is, but if you had two people with great personalities and one was "ugly" and the other was "good looking" you'd go for the good looking one everytime. It's natural. We're driven by asthetic needs.

I will say though, that everyone has their own idea of beauty and so, someone, somewhere will find the way you look beautiful. You might not have a conventional beauty but it's there all the same.
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