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  1. _Lily_

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    Really wanting to cut deeply husband has gone to get my nephew from town and will be a little while but even when he is here we would cut ....he always says if we need to we need to ....he cuts as well but haven't for months he is doing really well
    But we am failing we are 4 weeks with out cutting and am feeling the need to do it ...its prevalent ...we know we should distract ourselfs from it but with my addiction to drugs and alcohol praying on our mind we are not really caring about cutting ...
    Its just away to deal with everything .
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  2. total eclipse

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    try hun to get o utside go for a walk okay turn music up loud and sing and dance distract you okay You do not want to continue this sh hun you want to get strong for you and your son so please continue to fight the urge it will pass hun keep busy
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