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    I feel like a thrown-aside rubber
    Used up, die and fade that fast
    I can't say I won't for you
    Someone needs to love each and everyone
    All the red I've shed, I should be dead
    Maybe you'll be the last one?

    A fantasy drowning in my own blood
    Do you think that it will not fade?
    Observantly disturbed
    If I really knew myself, I would scream
    I could rape you
    In your favorite dream

    You're priceless but you don't know
    And I helped you fucking feel this low
    So I just better fucking go
    But I'm sorry

    I still see your slaughter
    Even though you're gone
    Three cheers for killing the ones you hate
    I mean technically I'm not the same
    It's still a fucking entertaining game

    Was it worth the time to lie?
    I wouldn't abuse such a good excuse
    But I'm two-faced now
    Have I ever not been?
    I don't need to be
    I can hack it either way

    She reads to lonely people
    You are the lonely person
    You are my fake
    It's never been this unclear
    Life with you is so fake.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.