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  1. Youlleatamuffinandlikeit

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    Why is it that the flight of light
    Is drowning in a fight of sight?
    Grounded by a house of grieving
    Miseries bind, prevent from leaving
    There’s dirt there,
    Immune from cleaning
    Yet still I’ll brush and wash till bleeding
    The picture’s broken
    Who am I kidding?

    To wake in a pool of dread
    In scattered remains of far flung dream
    Now dead
    Time is anything but a healer
    Each passing day, a disgrace to the believer
    Heaviness difficult to conceal
    How does one fucking tell what’s real?
    When subjugated
    In distortions heel
    The opposite of life
    To steal

    Joyless to the wizard I go
    There is no magic staff
    An answer, cure: bereft of fast
    Instead I follow his lights
    To a past choking blinkered might
    The magic isn’t in the ceiling
    It’s fighting your way
    Through depth of feeling
    Many are the mystic voyages
    Intense darkness; a life spent foraging
    Piled up high in crystal ball
    To stand tall,
    Requires a fall
    Brewing and seething against the glass
    A catalogue of ferocious self-wraith
    Is there a limit to how long it lasts?
    Manifest prevention of self-faith
    Don’t know if I can banish the final demon
    It’s me I’m facing
    Perhaps life is dreamin’

    How do you clasp yourself to life?
    When something simple
    Cuts as a knife?
    When basic tricks of confidence
    Are impossible to muster
    And make no sense
    When you are fundamentally undermined
    And there’s none to blame
    Save your own hand and line
    When beauty is unnatural to you
    And natural is unnatural slew
    Days are hell
    And it’s impossible to compel
    Is the answer darkness past?
    Or can I be as one at last?
    Why do I always end up here?
    This, is what it means to fear

    The definition of a prison
    Is a life in which you are not livin’
    When you are trapped inside a cage
    Locked internal mountains rage
    And every time you turn a page
    The monster’s there
    Until the grave

  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    excellent write hun prison yes a perfect title hugs to you
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    This is so powerful
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