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    This forum platform has the option to send private chat message to anybody online anytime without going into the chat room first. First you have to make sure your chat is turned on. Any member can easily turn on or off chat at any time by using the small slider button in the bottom right corner of the forum, pictured here-
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    To turn chat on , use mouse to slide the button to the left. The button will turn green and you will see chat rooms and the people icon for people available to private chat that you are following.
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    To send a private chat message it is usually necessary to be "following " that person. It is like on the old platform, vbulletins "friends", except you can follow anybody you choose. Click the persons name on the forum and it will bring up a box like this -
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    Just click the button that says "follow". You can tell if you are following them already because it will say "unfollow" instead of follow once you have clicked it. You following them does not change anything about if they are following you or not, nor send a notification to that person.
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    Anybody you are following that has their chat not deactivated , you can send a private chat message to directly if they are online without either of you going into the chat room. To do this look at the chat icons on the bottom of the forum. If you click the person icon instead of the chat rooms here-

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    It will pull up a list of anybody online that has chat activated that you are following. You can just click there name to start an instant private chat with that person regardless of where they are in the forum. If they have the green light it means they have been active in the last few minutes. The moon means their chat is open but they may not be paying attention as have not been active for a while.
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    Simple click the persons name to open up the private chat. All forum rules and guidelines apply to private chats as well. Any inappropriate chat should be reported so that a log check can be done and appropriate actions taken. While chatting you have several options. The chat will stay indefinitely between you and another member until you clear it. Block member will permanently block that member from chatting with you again. Pop out chat is an option but NOT RECOMMENDED.

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    The pp out chat for private messaging allows you to chat at will as you use other places in the internet however it will freeze SF if you try to use pop out private messaging while changing pages in SF. If you have an issue after use pop out private chatting , close pop out window and browser completely and reload SF. Most have found easier to use chat tabs on bottom of forum. If you have multiple pages of SF open while chatting then the messages may get mixed up and all messages not appear on all pages open Use only a single SF tab while chatting, and if you pop out to chat understand you may need to close all tabs and browser and start over with new session on SF.

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    Feel free to leave any additional questions or comments/ hints on this thread.