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probably gonna break up...

The Scream

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11th of may... we'd be together for a year...

after a lot of ups and downs... after making her cry for a billion times... after she making me cry... i think it's best we seperate...

i had great times with her and it's my longest relationship ever so far

we never had deep conversations... she'd mostly avoid

we been together so long... and it's pretty fair to say i don't really know her...

so this whole experience was probably infatuation... loving the idea of having someone...

i liked her... i liked her a lot...

she'd tell me what to do, what not to do... and she cries so fast...

and i like freedom

maybe relationships aren't my thing... i never had a home to return too... i spend a few years here, a few years else where... i never stay on the same place for too long... and maybe i should keep it that way... maybe that's best... for me... i don't know...

it really does break my heart somewhere...

she wants to control me... but i don't like being controlled... especially not by someone i don't even have a deep emotional connection with cause she never shares anything with me....

we had a talk, she agreed she wouldn't want to control me anymore cause that was wrong for her to do... it's not her position to play my mom...

she agreed to me...

but appearently behind my back the only reason she doesn't try to control me is because she's afraid otherwise i'll break up... wtf? it wasn't my intention to scare her off to share what's on her mind... my intention was to make it clear to her it's not the position she's in to play my mom and make a set of rules for me what to do and what not to do...

total eclipse

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If you have no feelings fo rher then it would be the kind thing to break it off now you have spent a year with her and you say you don't know her that is too bad I do hope both of you find someone that you can connect with hugs


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Losty :hug:

It just sounds like you two are not compatible with each other.

You are a really cool person and i have no doubt you will find someone to love and love you back and who will let you just be you.

Here if you need to talk.


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That's a good idea.

It's easy to be with someone because you can, it might be comfortable but not necessarily 'right'. So it's hard to break up.... but It's a really brave thing to do to be on your own after being in a relationship. But you just have to think, this way you are giving yourself time to work on yourself and decide what you want out of future relationships.

Just look after yourself and do what is right for you.

:wub: losty

The Scream

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thank you domo :hugtackles: <3

it really is hard to break up... the guilt ><

but continuing this way, things aren't going exactly great... and lately, we only argue more frequently about nothing... it hurts... and i don't know what to do... we both end up in tears and im tired of seeing her cry... i like seeing her smile...

i think if i end this it might do both of us good... eventually...


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Yes, eventually. It might break your heart to upset her and she might not understand at first. But she will realise that it was the right thing.

Same thing happened with my ex. It took me over a year but i realised in the end that he was doing us both a favour by breaking up. He went on to find a nice new gf that he was compatible with and me...well i am still single :laugh: but i have been working on getting better and have progressed huge amounts.

I like you signature by the way! :hug:

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