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probably not ED but who knows...

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by thl, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. thl

    thl Well-Known Member

    I've been fat since the age of 7-8. Being about 180cm heigh I've passed the 100kilos on the new-year supper obetween 2006 and 2007. I decided to lose weight so I stopped eating outside the two main meals (I have breakfast only if I'm travelling a lot in the morning). I work in the IT and I don't do sports so I don't need much energy to live. I removed all the foods I like most, just for the sake of depression. After 8 months I had lost 16kilos. Now I'm almost stable at 80kilos but I still have two meals a day (not eating large quantities anyway). Occasionally, when I can't avoid to (lunch with friens and so on), I eat some more. Now I have very little hunger and I can stay two whole days without eating/drinking without any bad feeling. Usually when I work in the office (I'm teleworking for 3days/week, onsite 2days/week) I skip the lunch and read a book. I'm luky enought to be quite determined so I can resist to the temptations I find, but I'm sure that if I lose control I'll end up over 100kilos in 10 days or less.
    Hironically my life haven't been better since I've lost weight. I'm still basically alone, with no self-esteem and almost useless for anything not work-related

    thanks for reading

  2. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    buddy you are definitly taking the wrong road by taking less meals.
    you do need your vitamins and calories. it is just not possible to say i dont feel happy because i think i weigh to much so lets just skip some meals and continue not doing sports.
    i am in pretty much the same situation, having not enough movement because i sit in front of the pc all day long.
    i started eating more vegetables fruit and went playing tennis 2 times a week.boy what a difference i tell you. losing weight getting in shape having more social contacts on tenniscourt and even tough the sport cost energy after a while it gives you back 5 times that amount of energy which will help you to fight your depression.
    if you are depressed first thing you should consider is your health, who gave you this diat?

    just saying you dont need much energy because you dont do sports is just not going to do it, you do want to lose your depression and feel better ? i advise you to do some kind of sport
    and eat more healthy but dont just skip meals, this will give you energy back and selfesteem also as you see you are getting better in the sport you will be practicing
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  3. thl

    thl Well-Known Member

    Yep, I know it's not good. I eat almost everything to try to keep things in order. I live in a very small town, there's no sport facilities here except for skiing. Unfortunately I gan't get a driver license (eye problems, not fixable), public transportation sucks and it's almost disappeared. For the same eye problem I can't do heavy activities or my retina will detach and I'll go blind.

    btw today's menu includes green salad and a dish of pasta and an orange for lunch and homemade sushi for supper (I love sushi)
  4. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    ok sorry i didnt know you cant do everything because of visual problems, how about walking or something that can be done without having to be a member at some sportclub?
    in best case something which other people also do so you have some more social contact.this realy does help and is often underestemated in case of depressions.i tend to believe that it is not possible to loose a depression if one is not fit and feels comfortable in their body.are there any other activities you could do, in best case outside in the fresh air?
    btw if you dont mind me asking, where do you live (only snow)?

    about your selfesteem, this is indeed mostly gone once in a depression. i do believe it will grow or come back to you as soon as you are able to see that there are others things in life beside your work which you are succesfull in but in most cases of depressions espacially deep depression its very hard to to see this and think that far. i feel fortunate i can now
  5. thl

    thl Well-Known Member

    I'm in the middle of the Alps (it's snowing right now...). The only sportclub I have here is the local pub (playing cards and drink with the elders... not very healthy anyway).
  6. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    that makes it hard indeed but i find it hard to believe that if you would like to do something good for yourself and your body that you can not anything. you must be sure you are willing to do this in order to make it work.ask yourself are you willing to help yourself get healty and fit, are you able to see further ahead then the painfull first couple of weeks and if so what could you do beside drinking vodka in the local pub
  7. thl

    thl Well-Known Member

    Actually I have very little interests in keep my body healty :( it's like the dog biting his tail. I'm planing a little vacation to lower the actual stress for the end of february, maybe this will help a little. I definitley need to find a hobby or leave this town and move to a decent place
  8. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    thats a good idea, get out for a while.if you are depressed (i guess you are otherwise you wouldnt be writing here) there is NO CURE WITHOUT A HEALTHY PHYSICAL CONDITION.

    may i quote your first post,

    I can stay two whole days without eating/drinking without any bad feeling

    ironically my life haven't been better since I've lost weight. I'm still basically alone, with no self-esteem and almost useless for anything not work-related

    if i show this to you and you would read this from any other member keeping in mind the person doesnt sport either what would you think?

    i know it is hard while in a depression but this is you first step out of depression,
    healthy food
    social life
    sport or any kind of movement

    but your diat realy sucks mate, it not only not healthy but its even dangerous and could be THE REASON for your depression
  9. thl

    thl Well-Known Member

    thanks for the support. I'll try to do something. Probably I only need a little push to start up and everything wil be better
  10. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    to me you sound like someone who feels trapped in a body which he doesnt feel comfortable in.thinking you would feel better after losing some weigth but making it only worse by following the most horrible diat on the planet.

    2 (even 1) days no food on a regular base = DEPRESSION
    1+1 = 2

    yes maybe you can take 2 days without food but that doesnt mean it is healthy; it only means that your body has gotten used to it.
    probably after a while you will not even be able anymore to eat a full meal because your stumach decreased in size because it also got used
    to this terible diat

    why do you think the first thing a doctor will ask is "do you eat healthy and enough"
    "do you sport"

    you only need a litle push buddy, the first steps are the hardest.
    you are allmost there

    good luck!


    i did some diggin and want to add following information from the first diet website which i found after using google

    Many people think that by skipping a meal, they will be eating less food and therefore lose weight. As we now know, this is a nutrition myth. People who think skipping meals means weight loss do not understand how our bodies work.

    If you skip a meal, your body will think that you are in starvation mode and therefore slow down the metabolism to compensate. You then tend to overeat at the next meal. Often, skipping a meal and then eating too much at the next one means that you have a higher total caloric intake than if you just ate more frequently throughout the day. A better approach is to eat smaller frequent healthy meals and snacks to keep your blood sugar balanced.
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  11. nos nomed

    nos nomed Well-Known Member

    Losing weight can get more attention but if you are looking for love it has less effect on that than depression does. If you want to attract members of the opposite sex(or same sex for people that are that way) you need to find a way to boost yourself and feel a sense of accomplishment. When I was weightlifting and got to some pretty decent weights on the bar I got alot more attention but it wasn't because of the muscles it was because of the self confidence I developed from accomplishing something.

    To work out you don't need a fancy gym there is plenty you can do without leaving your own home. Body resistance workouts like pushups, crunches, leglifts, squats, jump rope, isometrics are amazing find an object of low weight then extend an arm or leg and hold the object up with it as long as you can, find something with a good weight to it that is easy to handle and lift and move it in place of weights. Where I'm from we call this country boy muscles. The most important thing is to increase your physical activity enough to cause slight discomfort to your muscles and to maintain a healthy balanced diet at least 1200 calories a day preferably split into 3 to 5 meals.

    The strain of exercising also causes the body to release endorphines(feel good drug of your body) thus causing you to feel better about yourself.
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