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probably the scariest thing ive ever heardd

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idk why im writing this here again, cause obviously this doesnt seem like too big of a deal to anyone.

i already talked about my friend before on here, but its turned into worse i guess.

my friend has PTSD. like bad, and hes been suicidal for about 3 months over it.

when he was 4, he saw a mans head shot off outside his window, and the gunman proceeded to shoot at my friend, but missed.
so thats forever engraved in his mind

then the second event, completely non related
my friend was in 5th grade and witnessed a car crash, and just watched people burn for about a half hour, not like a kid that young and in shock could do much.
so thats his other problem.

hes been to the psych ward a lot, missing school, tried a lot of different meds
but hes now on 6 diff meds.

2 sleeping ones
2 antidepressants
1 for flashbacks.
and somethin else

but none work

last night

he called me crying.

a 16 year old kid called me crying saying "hes standing in my room"

which i knew..
he was hallucinating
seeing this man he saw when he was 4
with a gun in his hand.

after talking to him..
i figured out that this man or hallucination look like a solid body person..
he just stares at him
he follows him around
he moves his head if he moves.
and hell follow him into other rooms.

okay, first off thats creepy as heckk.

then he proceeded to tell me that last night
the gunman was laughing at him saying " i can help you"
"join him" "youre next" (refering to killing himself)

and he also saw people burning and heard them screaming in his room.

quite frankly, if i had this problem i would have killed myself a long time ago.
idk how hes dealing with it.

therapy, tons of different meds, hospital.
nothing has worked, not to mention his doctor said it was the weirdest case of PTSD hes ever seen.

im right now talking to him on the internet, and were talking about homework and he suddenly goes
"i can hear them screaming over my music"
i said 'what?'
"theyre sitting on the piano bench burning and screaming"

id seriously hate to wake up to a guy staring at me at night, that just wont go away
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Wow, it sounds like this guy has had an awful time. It's not surprising that he is strugglign so much, but he is clearly very lucky to have such a good friend in you. From what I can gather you have been non judgemental and incredibly supportive to him, and for that you should really congratualte yourself.

I don't really know what else to say, other than he needs to keep pushing for meds that work, maybe a longer hospital stay, or in a different hospital, or with a different psych might help. There is always help, out there, it is just finding what works for that person.

You are being the friend he needs right now, and that is terrific, but remember that it's ok for you to gain support from others, whilst giving him support.

If you ever need to chat then feel free to PM me

Take care of yourself


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There isnt really anything i can say that Scum hasnt said..
Stay strong for him hun and remembr to look after yourself.

Take care,
Ally _%
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