*Probably triggering, kinda graphic, very angry, completely untitled*

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  1. Syn

    Syn Well-Known Member


    Stillness and silence, time slows.
    Glass falls, pristine reflections of,

    Burning, screaming, bleeding,
    Irreversible convulsions.​



    Pens burn through paper, like erasers
    Agony screams from the core, ignored
    Bored a heavy hole that took control
    Stole the breath out of shatter lungs​

    Having fun god?​

    God damn, I wanna slam another shot
    Of something I "should not"
    But something's got to give
    but live? Fuck that

    I'd look so damn sexy if,
    I was a bloody fucking smear
    On a rusty old train track​

    I lack the heart to do...
    Bring me to my knees, this place

    Tears consume a fractured image,
    Repetitiously whispered words,


    Clarity laughs in disdain as the casket's lain
    Deep into a web of ashes, seeping into broken beliefs​

    Relief is,​
    Just another,​

    Can I take this blood stuff, paint the room?
    Add some bone fragments for contrast?
    It'll be a fucking blast​

    How can you expect me to last
    Past here and now?

    Where am I?​
    What else can I do?​
    What can I say?​
    Promises break like hearts
    Make us fall apart and ask
    "Now where the fuck do I start?"

    The light often scoffs at slippery shadows,
    Mere contrasts in the image of a preconception.

    Yet, how many ask for the story...?​

    If life is pointless​
    Love is tragedy​
    The mind is the enemy​
    Our bodies turn to dust​
    All memory of us, forgotten​
    The soul cries out in torment...

    Why exist?

    Horrific hallucinations play in dreams
    Eliciting soundless screams, tearing seams
    And it seems, the fabric comes undone
    Awaken, too stunned to speak​

    Spend hours​
    Lying on the ground​
    Lying to yourself​

    Where are you Clarity?
    I need you so badly tonight...​
  2. Sparrow91

    Sparrow91 Well-Known Member

    Wow. This is strong. Your a very good writer, thank you for sharing this. I'll be honest I really liked reading this.
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