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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Melmoth the Wanderer, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Melmoth the Wanderer

    Melmoth the Wanderer Well-Known Member

    2 questions:

    Does anyone else pretend to commit suicide sometimes? For example, I bought a couple of cheap, plastic guns a few months ago, and now when I feel really down or suicidal, I put one to my head and pull the trigger a few times. The second fake gun I bought makes a loud clicking sound when the trigger's pulled, which is nice.

    Does anyone else feel drawn to fictional characters or historical figures who committed suicide or were otherwise depressed/suicidal?
  2. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    I've never pretended to kill myself. But I am drawn to dark/depressed characters or people in history. I find them interesting. I'm drawn to darker people in general, though.
  3. Reki

    Reki Well-Known Member

    I think darker characters are more interesting while brighter characters are more admirable. I can't say I really feel drawn to someone who committed suicide but I do feel slightly sad, a bit like reading a good book then being disappointed by the ending.
  4. Twisted Sweet Lies

    Twisted Sweet Lies Well-Known Member

    I guess I've pretended to kill myself in poems. I've writen a lot of poems about different ways where I try to kill myself none of which I've ever even tried to do.
  5. carol2237

    carol2237 Guest

    Although i have never done it myself, i suppose pretending to comitt suicide is similar to things that people who cut do instead of cutting ( like snapping rubberbands on their wrist, drawling on themselves with red marker... etc)

  6. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I have never pretended to suicide although it isn't really a strange question. If acting it out in that way keeps you from actually attempting, i would much rather you do that. :hug:
  7. BlackPegasus

    BlackPegasus Well-Known Member

    I do sometimes lie there and pretend I'm bleeding to death..in fact I do it often.
  8. sarahmk2

    sarahmk2 Well-Known Member

    i dream and imagine im dying often
  9. mike308

    mike308 Well-Known Member

    i was driving down the road at 55mph and looked right at tractor trailer doing at least 60mph..... just had to cut the wheel to the right.. IT's the USA, not England:blink:
    If my addition is correct that's a head on at 115mph.
    pretend, think, same thing........................................... action??????????????????????
  10. deadpan

    deadpan Account Closed

    Iv have more thoughts than actions. But I do wonder down to the cemntary and wonder if any of the deceased did infact commit suicide. I never really pretend to kill myself, if it does happen then it will be for real.
  11. Christianv2

    Christianv2 Well-Known Member

    Ive never pretended to do it, but yes Im drawn to people who done it, like the Bojork Stalker suicide and Dwyer guy who killed himself during a live telecast and stuff like that. For whatever reason, it makes me personally not want to commit suicide because you see the cold emptiness after the act.
  12. Broken Wings

    Broken Wings Well-Known Member

    I've done things like that often, it's sort of play-acting, if you want to call it that.

    It's soothing in a strange way, isn't it?
  13. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    oh yes all the time in the past. in 2006 i killed myself many times. :laugh:

    lately it's been other people. "i am just sooo angry" :rant:

  14. Patch

    Patch Well-Known Member

    to your second question, definetly. I hate heroes that never seem to have a hard time (ie. Superman), I love ones that are darker. I feel more drawn to them if the death is some sort of heroic self-sacrifice. (lol, I feel so dumb saying that, no one knows about love of super heroes/villains!)
  15. The Loner

    The Loner Active Member

    Depression feeds on self pity, it doesn't work. A strange coping mechanism you have there but glad it works for you.
  16. famous.last.words

    famous.last.words Forum Buddy

    Ive never pretended, but i am drawn to those with darker personalities, just from distance.
  17. suicidal maniac

    suicidal maniac Well-Known Member

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