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total eclipse

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I do understand i really do but you need to hold on okay take your meds and try to sleep now okay so pain leaves you for awhile h ugs:hugtackles:


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i feel sad cuz even dying no one is really going to get it or understand me. what a waste. going through all this for nothing


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sorry i know unfortunately too many here do, but none in my RL. if they did maybe i could of gotten some support and help. now it doesnt matter.


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C ...I understand how much more it hurts when people dont understand your pain.
wish you didn't hurt so much . :hugtackles::wub:


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I hope your pain lessens as soon and as much as you need to keep going. Psychiatric treatments and medicines seem to progress the slowest with mental illness causing the most suffering. Maybe there is something around the corner or maybe it's already out there?
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