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Problem with Overeating

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Ok, so here in the past few years, I have had issues with overeating...I never really thought about it much until today. I realize that I eat a lot, and I have no means of really controlling it, because I'm either starving myself, or binging...It's never really a happy medium.

I've also noticed I get hungry and have quite an appetite. I can put away a lot of food, and I'm ashamed of it. Coming to terms with realizing that the reason I do it is because of meds, and because of my way of coping with anxiety, depression, or boredom. However, if I don't eat first thing in the morning, and distract myself, I can go almost the whole day without eating. My eating patterns are really messed up, and so is my sleep. I struggle with Sleep apnea, and recently had surgery to correct it. Found out I have a deviated septum too. About three months after my surgery, my friends have pointed out that I sleep walk, or don't remember being awoken, and that I also am starting to snore real bad again.

The point I'm getting at is, is it a possibility that I have some kind of eating disorder, and also, for those who have sleep apnea, or a sleep disorder...what should I do? I have also found myself able to sleep over my alarm clock, and sleep four 20 hours straight. I've almost missed work a few times. What should I do so I can wake up and hear my alarm clock in time for work? Any help is appreciated...Thanks

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Hi hun first off i would make appt with your doctor letting him or her know the symptoms you are having sleep walking too much sleep not enought etc see if doc can help you with meds to regulate sleep With eating see a dietitcian that can set up a diet for you to follow and exercise program eat small amts of food more frequently instead of one big meal but talk to your doctor okay



I can relate to what you are saying about your relationship with food. I too can quite easily go all day without eating and it doesn't bother me. But then in the evening the binging takes hold.

I know all the theory, I even did some work with a personal trainer, but I think the issue is not the food, but the relief it gives me emotionally - so for me it is there I am trying to look, to try to find out what food gives me beyond nutrition and see if I can get that from somewhere else - it is then that I believe my issues with food will be solved.

Is it an eating disorder? I see a therapist trying to sort out all my stuff and I pestered him for a diagnosis once - he said that we are all a little bit of this and that at times and labels are not always helpful as then we believe that we have to behave in a certain way because that's what the book says. So I don't think of it as an eating disorder, but just a relationship with food that I need to figure out.

In the meantime I know for me this seesaw really makes me feel guilty and crap about myself - I even criticise myself for eating at all and feel glad when I don't - I don't know the way out of the maze, but I am sure there is one if we keep looking - take care - Soup


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Hi peaceduv02
I tend to agree with what Total Eclipse said. I would suggest going to your doctor and explaining whats going on. with sleep,with the eating and all. Perhaps the meds need to be changed or adjusted. Especially because of the sleep. 20 hours is a lot.

I have a food addiction. I have had it for many years. My digestive system is quite unhealthy. So I have not been able to eat most foods. Thats why I am not big. But my cravings for food are huge. I dont stop when I am full etc etc. And yes, I have starved also. For long periods of time.

I have stared going to an herbalist for my digestive system. I was able to get appointments with him for free. Which is a great honor and privelidge because he is very gifted. But, he wants me to change my eating patterns. And that brings up all my ed issues. He wants me to substitute quionia and chick peas for chicken. Both of those have high calories. .While chicken has few. So the ed is all in a frenzy right now. Yet I want to do as he asks because I am so fortunate that he is helping me. He is a wise and gifted person. Anyway, I would recommend speaking with your doctor and t about whats going on. Maybe its time to adjust or change meds
I can relate. I used to go an entire day eating just one lettuce. Now i can't, im constantly thinking about food, wether if i should eat, binge, restric, starve or purge. (repeat)

Even little food feels like a fucking binge, so im just starving myself, till i cant anymore. Im too tired of crying myself to the shower, and having suicidal thoughts when i step on the scale, so i'm likely starving.

You should go to therapy and try to get better. This disorder is a monster. How old are you ?
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