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Problem with picking up meds in the UK

I have a friend in the UK who has run out of her meds. She recently got a C19-related notice to self isolate for six days (she has 5 remaining). Her pharmacy is 30 miles away from her, and they won't deliver that far.

When she moved to her current home, doctors in her area refused to prescribe her medication that other doctors had prescribed for her, so she would be forced to go off her meds if she changed doctors (her medication includes prescriptions from two different specialists, among others). Because of this, she stayed with her old doctor, and her formal address is with someone she knows where she used to live. The NHS apparently has limitations on how far away from one's official place of residence one can pick up medication, so she has to travel 30 miles on a regular basis to pick it up.

Her prescription has already been filled, so it can't be faxed to another location. She has no one that she can rely on to pick this up for her. She could try to pick it up herself, but she would risk fines that she can't afford, not to mention the possibility of spreading C19 (she has no symptoms though). Currently, she gets a month's worth of medication at a time.

Any advice?

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Her prescription has already been filled, so it can't be faxed to another location.
Although "filled" technically it hasn't been dispensed. That happens when it has been handed over to the patient or the pateint's representative. Now faxing a prescription, would only prove that a script is in existence, technically speaking you can't exactly dispense against a faxed prescription as it won't be legal.

Now, if the 'script was issued via EPS (electronic prescription service) then that can be released by the original pharmacy and retrieved by one closer to your friend. Pharmacies nearby should br able to deliver, arrangements have been made with the NHS to facilitate payments for patient delivery during this pandemic.

Other options would be to contact the GP, explain the situation in the hope that they could send an EPS to a nearby pharmacy, even if its for say a week to 10 days so as to cover quarantine.

Failing that, ring NHS 111 to access the emergency medicines supply service. They will take several details and if considered a supply is to be made they themselves will make contact with local pharmacy in her area with her details. The pharmacy will then contact the patient for the next steps in the process.
I agree with @Ash600 My daughter has used the 111 service a few times recently and they have always dispensed emergency meds for her. That should sort out the problem for your friend until she can get to the chemist to collect hers.
I would never recommend using a postal prescription service. The Royal Mail is not consistent or reliable enough at the moment and medication is not being delivered in time.
hope she gets it sorted. Xx


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Good advice from Ash.
I've used 111 before when I was away and didn't have my medication with me. It was ready to collect from a local pharmacy within a couple of hours. And I'm sure most pharmacies will now deliver if someone is quarantining.

Hope she gets sorted.

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