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    3 months ago I was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol a second time. The first time I thought I was just being stupid, the second time I blacked out. Facing minimum 90 days in jail (likely 6 months), 18 month license suspension. Right now I have to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet on my ankle and be on a curfew. Ever since this happened I have been really depressed and I feel like I have lost everything. I'm not sure that AA works.
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    The AA works - works for thousands and thousands and thousands of people. But only the people who really want it to. I get that the "God" element can be off putting but the foundation principles work and if you really want to stop drinking, you can. You just really have to want to - if you don't want to then no, it probably won't work. So do you want to?

    I understand feeling like you have lost everything - its hard to have perspective when you are depressed and even harder to find any light at the end of the tunnel when you know you're not really all the way into the tunnel yet. The good news is, though, that 6 months in prison isn't the end of the world. Does it suck? Yes. Absolutely. But does it suck less than accidentally killing someone because you can't control your alcoholism? No. You were lucky you didn't kill someone - take that as a win.

    The good thing about prison though is no booze available. Work the program and commit to it and your life can definitely get better. I am really sorry that right now really sucks and jail time can be terrifying so I understand feeling utterly shitty. But the only direction from rock bottom is up - and you can definitely get up. Stick around and talk to us - we will help :)
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    I am sorry that you are in this situation. However, like Freya said the only way from the bottom is up.
    Going to jail is scary as heck, but use this as a way to 'scare yourself straight' that sounds harsher than I mean it, I know... but I know I need those rude awakenings myself.
    AA can work, but as with most things you need to want it.

    Would you want to get yourself in this situation again? Would you risk killing or injuring someone? I'm guessing no.

    It takes 21 days to break a 'habit' in theory. You've got at least 3 times that to get the alcohol out of your system.

    Take this as an opportunity and make some healthy choices for your future.

    Good luck with everything!
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    6 months was the initial plea offer from the district attorney. My lawyer is confident she can knock it down to 45 days work release and 45 days house arrest. AA is not the only way to maintain sobriety. What I need to do is to keep myself busy with other hobbies, interest, and passions. I need to say no to all high risk situations (bars, parties, and beer/wine tastings). If anyone invites me to one of those, then I'll tell them that I can't control myself in those situations.