Problems with my former Psychiatrist

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    So ok here we go.. I had a falling out with my former Psychiatrist , he was arrogant and pompous, (He's an Hindu/Indian Doctor)
    He doesn't like to be questioned and is very brash and detached.. I stayed with him because I am still new to my area and I still don't know how the system works here... I'm getting there.. I have a new Doctor and Therapist and doing very well now. However my last visit to see my former doctor did not end well, I did miss one single appointment that was a clerical error as I am always 1 -2 hours early.. He chewed me out for missing my appointment, threatened to indefinitely hospitalize me, as this is a part time thing for him, he only works at his private practice 3 hours a day, Mon-Fri.

    I have not been his client since August, and on Sept 4th he filed 2 complaints, one was directly from him, the other was "Anonymous", claiming I have been sexually harassing his patients, and missing countless appointments.. Being OCD I couldn't be late for anything, it drives me crazy to be late.. Well the police detective 2 officers and a social worker came in from Nevada Mental health. They said my "Current" doctor which he was not.. That I was missing many appointments, that I was off my meds and having paranoid and psychotic episodes.. all not true as I was actually doing well. The detective handling the case put one and one together and realized this was a revenge thing for calling the Doc a Quack to his face and leaving a bad review on his Google+ account.

    Ok now well over a month later, on October 17th, he called my building manager and said some things about my past just out of revenge. 20 years ago I did something stupid, and 2 of my biggest fears, and he knows it is that I have a terrible fear of Police, and I am very private.. Now what happened in my past is long gone if you ran a background check would not even show up.. However the owner of these buildings in this area are run by Lawyers.. The Manager came to my door Oct 17th, and asked me some brash questions, all seeming very very familiar, the SAME EXACT questions the Police and social workers were asking me on Sept 4th.

    Now your wondering why I stayed with him for as long as I did... I suffer from a panic disorder and my visits with him are so short, less than 5 mins.. he sends in my refils and thats it.. But one day I was asking some people in the waiting room about other options, and one handed me a business card from another yet better agency.. That was the start of the falling out, he felt embarrassed and has been making a series of calls and exploiting my fears... This is certainly a revenge thing.. I just want to move on.. I've been bullied my whole life, and I will no longer stand for it.. I'm standing my ground.

    Now calling the Police claiming I was off my meds, and psychotic.. I was 100 percent lucid, "Thanks to Valium" and I was able to talk them down and the Detective realized he was sent on a fools errand. I am currently living in a building that does not permit felons, however it did not come up on the original background check.. So much to the fact I'm not sure if they plan on evicting me or keeping me, since I'm one of their much better tenants and have helped the Management/Caretakers many times...

    My problem is what do I do from here.. I'm going to Legal aid in the morning, but the biggest question is what can a former Doctor say once I am no longer a patient. Does the Patient Doctor confidentiality still apply? I'm god awfully terrified of this man, as he has threatened me before with being locked up in the a hospital for the rest of my life.. All because I left him a bad review on Google+.. He has been making my life hell and I don't know my legal options here... I am most certainly stable, haven't had a manic episode in almost a year.. With the change of seasons I get severely depressed.. I don't need this, and I'm really scared..

    Thank you for listening,

    I'm out here all by myself, I have no family, all my friends are scattered all over the US, and I'm here for health reasons.. Humidity is bad for my arthritis.. But now I'm looking over my back now... The manager watches my every move.. I won't discuss an issue that is 20 years old.. I did my time and I have been on the straight and narrow for the same amount of time.
    But this building does not permit felons, but after a certain amount of time, not sure how much.. I'm no longer on the radar..

    Did my former doctor break the law? I'm not worried about eviction as of yet.. I'm worried about him saying something to the police and given he is a psychiatrist can have me placed in a hospital involuntarily.. I am seeing a new Doc and Therapist and I'm very very happy with them.
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    If he called anybody and said anything about you then you need to call an attorney. There is no ambiguity to medical confidentiality laws - sue him , become rich, and send him to jail all very easily based on this account.While there is some small grey area on notification of police- there is none whatsoever if it has been weeks or months since you saw him as it is impossible for him to call you an immediate danger that needs to be apprehended and hospitalized. The building manager is not even on the spectrum of people he could talk about you to.

    The only person you need to talk to about what has happened is take everything you can put together as well as how /why you believe it was him that told people these things about you and go see a very high profile attorney and solve this issue very quickly and permanently for not only yourself but anybody else that has ever been his patient.
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    I went to legal aid this morning, they said there was nothing they could do, and there was no case..
    The first call could be simply explained as a Mental health check, the second one however the owner does not wish to be involved, and the call did not alter my standings with the managers.. No damage done.. So I couldn't even file a police report.. The people at Legal aid said to document everything, but as long as the harassment is not direct, there is no case.. I could file a complaint with the Nevada medical board, but that would likely go nowhere.. I tried to file a police report, but the police said I had no case, no proof.. He is sneaky, he knows what he can get away with, its that he is only wasting his time.. He has not caused any damage as of yet, but I fear he may escalate it.. he is the type that doesn't like to be wrong, and a guy who gets his way every time.. I'm terrified of this man.. As my doctor he knows my fears, he knows my buttons.. he knows my triggers.. and that makes me feel so vulnerable and violated..

    Edit: I'm not in this to get money, I just want him sanctioned, or have his licence revoked.. If there would be a lawsuit I would donate the proceeds to a group that Supports victims of rape and incest.. I'm not interested in getting rich.. Just to stop a bully..