Problems with my girlfriend

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    I'm feeling depressed over my girlfriend. We've been going out since the start of November and everything was going really well. Thing is, we went through this period where we spent time alone together nearly every day for 2 weeks. It was great, and we were both really happy.

    She fell ill a little before Christmas and every time I tried to arrange to spend time together she said she'd come round or something and always ended up calling me saying she was too ill. Eventually we had an argument over it, she said I was being selfish and I didn't NEED to see her every day and I said it was unfair to say she'd come round and then go back on her word. She basically said that she liked her personal time and being on her own, which just proved my suspicions about her making excuses to not see me. We did make up afterwards though.

    I hadn't seen her alone since the 22nd of December, we went to her Grandparents party on Boxing Day. My birthday was the day after and she said she was too ill to come round, which I let go because I didn't feel that well either. The next time I saw her was at my friends New Years Eve party. I didn't see her again until college on the 5th.

    She was going to come round today (Wednesday) because it's the only day I have a free house. She was waiting for me at the bus stop, but then I got a text from her saying that she'd got on the bus because she felt ill. I said it was OK, sent her a text saying 'Love you' and she sent one back saying 'Love you too'. Now I'm on MSN and I can see that she's playing Lips on Xbox. She feels too sick to come round, yet she can play a fucking singing game on Xbox?

    I know she's being feeling ill, but I can't help but get the feeling that she doesn't went to soend time with me, and it hurts. I don't know what else to say, I just needed to tell someone.

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    hun i wasnt ignoring what you were saying. i can understand how it would be annoyting to not see your girlfriend. but if you keep saying wednesdays the days that work, for both of you, then go to her so she cant say she's to ill to come to you, then you still get to see her.

    and to get the 'truth' out of her you have to ask her untill she tells you, but you might have to accept that there is nothing to tell. :hug: